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Which One Is Better : Tempeh Wrapped In Leaves Or In Plastics?

Who doesn’t know tempeh? From Indonesia, until foreign countries such as London, Australia, Germany, etc, everyone knows it. From traditional tempeh, fried tempeh, tempeh crispy, tempeh steak, tempeh brownies, and many others modern tempeh cuisines, it is always favored by many people.

When you are buying tempeh, you must ever see tempeh which is wrapped traditionally using leaves, especially banana leaves. You can easily find this tempeh when you are in the rural areas. In Indonesia, it is very easy to get tempeh wrapped in leaves in traditional market. Besides, there is also tempeh which is wrapped using transparent plastic. In big city or urban area, we will more easily find tempeh which is wrapped using plastics, especially in a big manufacturers of tempeh. They will choose to use plastic as it is more easy to get. Both tempeh wrapped using banana and leaves are the same, but which one is better?

Well, if you are asking which one is better from both, many will answer tempeh wrapped using leaves is better. But is it true? Either using plastic or leaves, they have positive and negative sides.

  1. Wrapping tempeh using banana leaves

Tempeh in banana leaves

Tempeh wrapped using banana leaves

The advantage of using leaves to wrap tempeh is on the taste. It will produce tempeh with better taste. Besides, banana leaves or maybe other kind of leaves also do not contain chemicals. This leaf is easy to fold and can give delicious smell to the tempeh. Banana leaves also have cavities to let the tempeh circulates. Moreover, the polyphenol content contained in the leaves has similar function with the tea leaves as an antioxidant. This content helps reduce the risk of heart disease, blood vessels, and also cancer. Besides, due to this content, the smell of tempeh will be more fragrant and odorless.

Nevertheless, using banana leaves as tempeh wrapper also has disadvantage. Food packaging plays an important role to control the microorganism contamination of a product. The packaging or the wrappers should be really clean and hygienic. When it is contaminated by microorganisms it can cause food damage which is dangerous for human health. This is why if you decide to use leaves to wrap tempeh, make sure that it is already cleaned well.

Furthermore, the inconsistent leaf availability can be an obstacle. In the village, tempeh craftmen will more easily get a good stock of banana leaf, while in the city, it only exists most in the rainy season. As a result, tempeh wrapped using banana leaves is more difficult to find in the city, isn’t it? Tempeh with plastic will be more easily to find there.


  1. Wrapping tempeh using plastic
Tempeh in plastic

Tempeh wrapped using plastics

Well, tempeh that uses plastic as the wrappers usually comes from a more modern and cleaner tempeh producers. So, in the terms of hygiene, this is more secure than banana leaves. Besides, the packaging of plastic has advantages such as it is strong, lightweight, and not rusty. It is also waterproof and airtight. Different with using leaves which is easily torn, plastics is not easily damage or leaking.

However, the packaging of plastic also has disadvantages. First is the presence of some chemicals which possibly can move the the product. Of course, this will endanger humans health. Under certain conditions, the contact between plastics and food will cause migration of chemicals to the food. It happens because of the influence of the heat of the food, the storage, or the processing. The higher the temperature, the higher the probability of migration. As a result, the longer the contact between food with plastic packaging, the higher the amount of chemicals which migrate to the product. It it happens continuously, it can increase the risk of cancer.

Then, plastic packaging is not environmentally friendly. Plastics which is not used will become garbage. If we cannot manage plastic wisely, it will not good for our environment, right? Moreover, as we know that plastic is a kind of material which is hard to unravel. It is very difficult to decompose on the ground by microorganism. It needs hundreds to thousands of year to have plastic decomposed. Just imagine what happens to our environment if we just keep pounding this kind of material?

Choose tempeh wrapped using plastic or leaves?

Choose tempeh wrapped using plastic or banana leaf?

As the conclusion, if we talk about taste and health, tempeh which is wrapped using leaves is better than wrapped using plastics as long as you use fresh and clean leaves. But if it is about the cleanness, tempeh wrapped using plastic is better.

For Indonesian people, many of them will choose tempeh wrapped using leaves rather than using plastics. They believe that this traditional tempeh is fresher, more fragant, more organic, and more delicious when cooked. Nevertheless, tempeh in leaves aren’t always available in supermarket, so they sometimes also buy tempeh in plastics which is easier to get. So, no matter which one you chose, tempeh is always rich for its nutritional value. That is the important point!

Well, we are tempebumbung, an online seller of tempeh starter. If you are looking for information related to tempeh, we are here to help you. For more detail you can contact us at:


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Hello tempeh lovers? Are you waiting us giving you new information about tempeh? If so, you are very lucky today since we are going to share to you other kinds of tempeh non-soybeans that you can make by yourself. So, are you ready to see the details? Come closer, then…

Those who usually consume tempeh may already know what kind of this food. But those who only ever hear about it and never consumes it, they probably feel curious what tempeh is, right? Previously, we already wrote article about 7 types of tempeh in Indonesia. As you know that other countries might have other types of beens/seeds. So now, we are going to share information about other types of tempeh you can find in other countries.

We are here not only to provide information to those who are expert in the tempeh-making field, but also those who are just starting to make it. Maybe you are one of them? Thus, we think that you will deeply need this information. Here we go!

What is tempeh?

In general, tempeh is a kind of traditional food originally from Indonesia made from soybeans. Due to its high nutritional value, many people consume tempeh. Once you taste it, you will feel little weird but unique with its taste. For the appearance, it is like cake. While if it is already cooked, the taste is sometimes like meat, chicken, even mushrooms. Well, let’s say tempeh is a soy-based meat alternative. Whatever its taste, you must try it to find the exact taste!


About Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

It has no doubt that when we are speaking about tempeh, it is always related to starter. We all know that this ingredients really plays an important role to ferment the beans into tempeh cake-like. As you already see in our article that there is one kind of starter which you can use to make tempeh. Please open here.


Kinds Of Tempeh

Alright, we already know types of tempeh in Indonesia and what best tempeh starter we can use. So now, what kind of other beans/seeds from other countries can we use to make tempeh using Raprima tempeh starter?


1. Velvet Bean Tempeh

Velvet Bean Seeds

Velvet Bean Seeds

According to a source, velvet bean tempeh is the second most popular variety of tempeh. The seeds can be found from a climbing vine which is known as Murcuna Pruriens. A reason of its popularity is its low cost and also high protein content. Therefore, it acts as a staple protein source for a lot of people’s diets.


2. Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas Tempeh

Black Eyed Peas Tempeh

The other type of tempeh you can make is black eyed peas, or usually known as cowpeas. It is such a great bean to start with if you are new to making homemade tempeh. It has very similar shape and texture with soybeans. Moreover, this seeds also cook up relatively fast when soaked. It is also a good source of minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, etc.


3. Black Bean Tempeh

Black Bean Tempeh

Black Bean Tempeh

Some people are agree that making black bean tempeh is easier than making soybean tempeh. Why? Because you will not need to remove the hulls. Black beans are really soft and easily digested by Rhizopus mold contained in Raprima starter. Some of them also think that the dark color of the hulls give the tempeh a very nice look. Nevertheless, making tempeh is not difficult at all. What makes it difficult is when you never try to make it.


4. Winged Bean Tempeh

Winged Bean Tempeh

Winged Bean Tempeh

Winged bean, also refereed to as asparagus bean is cultivated in Burma and India. Then, it has been successfully introduced into other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. This kind of beans can be used to make a fermented meat substitute food product called tempeh. It is also a rich source for antioxidant, tocopherol, and vitamin A.


5. Hazelnut Tempeh

Hazelnut Tempeh

Hazelnut Tempeh

If you usually find hazelnut served in combination with chocolate, now you will be amazed since it can be used to make tempeh, too. People usually call it as the cooked nougat. Why so? After inoculating boiled hazelnuts with the mold culture, the mycelium (a rot-like system of fungus) appears. And this is what binds the hazelnuts together to form big cakes that look like nougat.


6. Mung Bean Tempeh

Mung Beans

Mung Beans

Mung Bean Tempeh

Mung Bean Tempeh

Recently, consuming raw sprouts mung beans has become an increasingly popular way to eat them. Also, they usually are served in small amounts as top meals or salads. Besides, this beans can also be cooked into tempeh. When you consume mung beans, whether as raw sprouts or cooked legumes or even fermented as tempeh, this beans can provide a great plant-based protein for vegans, vegetarians and those who are trying to reduce animal consumption.


7. Broad Bean Tempeh

Broad Bean Tempeh

Broad Bean Tempeh

Also called as Fava beans, this kind of beans have no saturated fat or cholesterol. It can be made into tempeh and you will see the unique appearance of its size and color. This beans contain a high concentration of thiamin, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, magnesium, zinc, etc. Moreover, it also has an inexpensive source of protein.

8. Chickpeas Tempeh

Chickpea Tempeh

Chickpea Tempeh

Cultivated originally in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, chickpeas have spread their culinary influence across the world. Moreover, they also come with a range of potential health benefits. Just like other kind of legumes such as beans, peas, or lentils, this seeds are high in fiber and protein. It also contains several key vitamins and minerals. This is why people can also use this seeds to make tempeh.

9. Green Bean Tempeh

Green Bean Tempeh

Green Bean Tempeh

Green bean is a kind of legumes which seeds, fruits, and leaves can be consumed after cooked. This bean is one type of vegetables that is often added in various types of cuisines. The seeds can also be made into tempeh. As we already know that tempeh is rich for its protein. The protein is mostly obtained from the seeds used. And green bean is also one type of bean which is high in protein.

10. Jack Bean Tempeh

Jack Bean Seeds

Jack Bean Seeds

This bean is native to tropical Africa and to South and Central America. The pods and seeds are edible and used for food. The young pods usually can be cooked as a vegetable. Even, the whole plant, pods, and seeds can also be used to feed animals. You can also make tempeh from jack bean seeds. Due to its high nutrient, this bean can be used as a partial substitute for fish meal.

11. Sword Bean Tempeh

Sword Bean

Sword Bean

How about sword bean? Well, jack bean and sword bean are related but different species. It is also believed to have its origins in the Asian continent. Both jack bean and sword bean has numerous health benefits. They are energy boosters and are great source of protein. Sword bean seeds are very good to be make into tempeh.

12. Lupin Tempeh

Lupin Tempeh

Lupin Beans

Lupin Tempeh

Lupin Tempeh

Because of its protein content, lupin bean can be served as alternative for soybeans as substrate for tempeh production. We can also cook the bean into several type of cuisines. They are not only deliciously addictive snack or appetizer, but they are also incredibly nutritious and high in protein.

13. Lucaena Tempeh



In Indonesia, it is the third most popular tempeh which is called ‘tempe lamtoro’. The tree of Leucaena is native to Central America. The mature seeds of Lucaena can be roasted, while the young dry seeds are popped like pop-corn or can be made into tempeh.

14. Lima Bean Tempeh

Lima Beans

Lima Beans

This beans are usually called ‘butter beans’ because it has starchy yet buttery texture. Lima beans can be cooked into tempeh. It has a delicate flavor which complements a wide variety of dishes such as tempeh. This beans are a rich source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. So if you are looking for ingredients to make tempeh, you can use this bean.

15. Lablab Bean Tempeh

Lablab Beans

Lablab Beans

Lablab bean is native to Africa and cultivated throughout the tropics for food. This plant needs hot climate conditions. So, the tropical zone of Africa, India and also Latin American are the places where Lablab beans are in great demand. Besides can be used as salads, soups, or desserts, the beans can also be cooked into tempeh. It is a perfect source of protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin, etc.


Well, if you are looking for a tempeh starter of Raprima to make your own tempeh, we are here to help you. We will also help you with your problem in making tempeh. You can contact us anytime you want at:


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581



Thank you for reading.


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Tempeh Starter Question & Answer Via Email With Our Customer in UK

In this modern era, everything has been easier for people to get what they want. For example if you want to buy something, you can easily order it online. You don’t have to walk to supermarket or to the shop to get what you want. Due to this reason, we as an online seller take this as an opportunity to expand our business.

So, who are we?

Tempe Bumbung

We are tempebumbung. We sell tempeh starter online with the brand of Raprima. This is a type of tempeh starter which is well-known for its quality to produce good quality of temeph. Through our website at tempebumbung.wordpress.com we try to promote our starter. There are articles about tempeh and tempeh starter that may be helpful for everyone who are going to make tempeh. Inside this site, we also provide our contact number on email and also phone. This will absolutely facilitate our customer to contact us easily.

Selling tempeh starter online has been our market strategy since we know that it will help everyone who is looking for tempeh starter. In addition, ordering starter with us is very easy. All you need to do is just follow these procedures:

1. The customer determines the amount of starter to be ordered

2. The customer sends the complete address including mobile number

3. The customer gets total price from us

4. The customer transfers to our customer transfers to our PayPal Account or our Bank Account

5. Tempeh starter is sent

Very easy, right?

Question & Answer Via Email With Our Customer in UK

As a tempeh starter online seller, we always try to provide facilities for our customers to make them easy to contact us. Today we are going to share our conversation via email with our customer in UK asking about tempeh starter. After reading articles in our website, he was interested to get information about Raprima starter. Soon, he sent us an email. Here are some important points that we discussed during conversation. Please take a look. The information may be important to you if you are about to buy our starter, Raprima Tempeh Starter.

1. I have found your details online and would like to understand the potential to import your tempeh products to the UK. I am looking to partner with a supplier on a long term basis with aspirations to be the biggest tempeh retail product in the UK. Let me know if this is of interest so we can schedule a Skype call to discuss further.


If there is any discussions, we can also communicate through Skype at working hours when our marketing team is ready at their position. However, if there is anything that you can share via email, please feel free to send us email anytime you need.

2. A call tomorrow at 11:30 UK time suits me. Can you let me know your Skype contact details?


This is our Skyce contact: nunungsetyawan@yahoo.com

There is something we need to inform to you. Indonesia has different time zone with UK. At the time you are going to ring us, our office hours are actually already over. However, we will try to keep online for you.

3. I appreciate the time difference. Let’s do it via email instead of phone call. I would appreciate your help to understand the following regarding your tempeh blocks.


Thank you for your consideration. Yes, sure. We are ready to help you every time. Let us answer your question one by one.

4. Where does your tempeh starter and soy beans come from?


Our tempeh starter, Raprima tempeh starter is manufactured by PT. Aneka Fermentasi Industri (AFI) located in Bandung, Indonesia.

5. Are your soy beans non-GMO and organic?


Raprima tempeh starter is organic. It is GMO-free. So, you have nothing to worry about its effect on your body.

6. Can you produce tempeh with the following beans (in addition to soy): black bean, lentil, chickpeas?


We only produce soybeans tempeh since it is commonly consumed by Indoensian people. However, our tempeh starter can ferment any kinds of beans as such as Lamtoro seeds, Jack beans, Green beans, etc. Here are the pictures:

rhizopus oligosporus buy

Many types of Beans For Making Tempeh


  1. Lamtoro seeds
  2. Koro Padang or Jack beans
  3. Koro Benguk beans
  4. Kacang Hijau or Green beans
  5. Trembesi

To give you evidence, our customer ever sent us her result of making tempeh from other beans too. Here is the pictures:

Consultation Session


7. Is it possible to transport the tempeh blocks to the UK?


Sure. We can send tempeh starter to UK. We are able to send tempeh starter throughout the world as long as there is no restriction to send tempeh starter from your country.

8. What’s your cost per KG for the tempeh blocks?


The cost of 1 pack tempeh starter (500gr) is $5

Then, there will be discount for minimal order 10 packs (5kg)

Well, our customer satisfaction is our first priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find information, ask for a help, or share something. We will be very happy to help you. You can contact us via email, text, or call. Just like our customer from UK, you may ask any information you need. For more information, you may probably need to see this;

1. detail information of inokulum tempeh starter raprima

2. sell tempeh starter online raprima: tempebumbung

3.the role of rhizopus oligosporus for making tempeh

We provide you the ease of access to contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

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The Tempeh Starter Order from Mrs. Wong Yoke Moy In Malaysia

buy tempeh in London

Soybean Seeds

Indonesia is the biggest tempeh producer in the world which makes it as the biggest soybeans market in Asia. Tempeh has a unique flavor and aroma, and a firm nutty texture. It looks like in the form of cake, with grayish white color and unique smell.  The important ingredient for making tempeh is tempeh starter or ragi tempeh. Sometimes, it is called yeast tempeh. It is used for fermentation process of making tempeh and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. Then what do you think about tempeh starter?

Would you know about tempeh starter?

Tempeh starter or the yeast tempeh starter is dried mixture of fungus rhizopus such as Rhizopus Oligosporus and Rhizopus oryzae with a substrate which can be soybeans or rice. It is used to ferment the soybean so the mold can grow to bid the soybean and create the tempeh. The mold is not dangerous and it is not a bacterial form. In the contrary, this mold is a beneficial fungus so it can be consumed. Our raprima tempeh starter is completely regulated and tested. So it is safe to use for making tempeh.

For your information, Tempeh is an organic food from Indonesia originally from Java island.  Nowadays, tempeh has been spread to all over the world and popular among the vegetarian. Because it is made from fermented the soybean so it is gluten-free and can be used to substitute the meat. Tempeh is good for health because it contains lots of benefit for the human body.

How to make your own tempeh?

Actually, making your own tempeh is so easy that you can make it at home. The ingredient for making tempeh is only soybean and tempeh starter or ragi tempeh. Then, the types of equipment are basin, filter, fan, pan, wrapping can be banana leaf or plastic. Here is the step by step making tempeh. Let’s check this out.

  1.  Preparing the soybean, choose the best quality of soybean for good result. The high quality of soybean can be seen from the color. The yellow color is the best quality of soybean. Then, wash the soybean until it until clean. It is very important because the dirt soybean will impact the taste of tempeh.
  2.  The next step is boiled the soybean for 1 hours until the soybean is cooked. Then don’t waste the water just let the soybean cool on the water. Soak the soybean one night and wash the soybean again until the skin is clean. This process aims the soybean skin quickly peeled off.
  3. After the soybean is clean, then boiled again. The boiling process can take 30-90 minutes depending on the amount of the soybean.
  4. The next step, filter the soybean then cooling it with a fan.  Make sure the soybean is cool and does not contain water you can put the tempeh starter on it.
  5. The last step is spread the tempeh starter or ragi tempeh on the soybean. Mix them well. Afterward, pack the soybean use the plastic, banana leaf, thick wood, bamboo, or something that can be used as fermentation media. For the plastic, the surface must be stabbed for the air circulation.So it makes easier for fermentation of soybean.
  6. Wait until the fermentation is complete and you can make your food creation with tempeh. It’s easy to follow.

For your information, to get perfect result of tempeh, you must consider the temperature because the fermentation process needs warm temperature.  So, in the fermentation process places the soybean in the warm place. Because if the temperature is too cold or too hot the fermentation will be failed. Or it will harm to consume because of the bacteria. So, make sure that the temperature is normal. The mold  Rhizopus Oligosporus can grow at a temperature of 30-35 ℃ with a minimum temperature of 12 ℃ and a maximum temperature of 42℃. It is the best temperature for the soybean fermented.

organic tempeh starter

Tempeh Starter

Besides, the quality of the tempeh starter is necessary. Because the tempeh starter will impact on the taste of the tempeh. Raprima brand is one of the best quality tempeh starters for making delicious tempeh. Our tempeh starter has been sent to several countries also several provinces In Indonesia.  We are trusted seller of prima tempeh starter and we provide good quality of tempeh starter.


What is the benefit of our raprima tempeh starter?

Actually, Tempeh yeast or Tempeh starter of Raprima has a lot of benefits such as:

  1. Making tempeh with raprima starter produces tasty and durable tempeh.
  2. The price of raprima tempeh starter is quite affordable.
  3. It can be used in the manufacture of tempeh both in small and large scale.

Raprima tempeh starter is packaged in the powder form. The powder form makes easier to know the measurement for making tempeh. Also, on the back side of the packaging of raprima tempeh starter, there is a measurement or rules of the usage of tempeh starter.

Recently, there are many foreigners who love tempeh. But tempeh is quite expensive or sometimes it is hard to find in some countries. So, they decided to make their own tempeh. Also, it is quite hard to find the tempeh starter outside Indonesia. We are tempebumbung.wordpress.com we provide tempeh starter and we will send our tempeh starter to your country.  We already sent our tempeh starter to several countries such as Tempeh starter in Germany, Tempeh starter in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tempeh starter for Mr. Marek karabčĺk in Slovakia and so on. Few days ago, we sent our tempeh starter to Malaysia. It was our customer,  Mrs.Wong Yoke Moy from  Malaysia. She wanted to buy tempeh in Malaysia to make her own tempeh. But she did not know where to buy tempeh in Malaysia because it is hard to find the tempeh starter Malaysia or ragi tempeh Malaysia. Then, she contacted us through WhatsApp to order tempeh starter.

Unfortunately, she did not have a PayPal account to pay. Then, she asked us whether it was possible to transfer from the bank account or another option. Then, we asked her to transfer use western union as the solution. Also, she asked us where to find western union and the step to pay use western union. After we explained the step, on the next day she texted us and she had been pay through the western union. She was the first customer who purchased via western union and we were so glad can solve the solution. After payment, we will follow up and sent it through Post Indonesia. The estimation of the arrival of the packages tempeh starter Malaysia around 6-10 days.

tempeh starter malaysia

tempeh starter malaysia

For the payment, besides using PayPal account you can also use the Western Union.  The western union is reliable because it can be found easily in every country district. So, if don’t have the PayPal account and want to buy our tempeh starter you can use Western Union.

The Western Union is an American financial service and communications company. It is one of the most well-known domestic and international money delivery services. The Western Union is a service that allows you to send money to the recipient through a system that has been ordered based on digital. Also, you can send money via the Western Union by attaching an ID and it does not require the bank account.

Sending money personally using the Western Union is easy. Choose the service that is best for you and follow the simple steps below to find out the easiest step sending money to various destinations.

  1. The first step is search for an agent location near you. You can check it through the web. https://www.westernunion.com/CN/en/find-locations.html
  2.  After finding the nearest agent next to you, then go to the near agent and Complete the Send Money form.
  3. Give the agent the complete form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee) in cash.
  4. The last, save your receipt and tracking number (MTCN).
  5.  Sent us the picture of the tracking number (MTCN) as the proof payment.

So, if you want to purchase our raprima tempeh starter now you can use western union and PayPal. And we will follow up as fast possible to sent our raprima tempeh.  We are tempebumbung.wordpress.com is proven seller of raprima. Raprima tempeh yeast has been registered by DEP.KEH.RI.NO.306712 from the Departement of health Indonesia.  Also, our tempeh starter has been registered on Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control with BPOM RI MD 256928001051. Our tempeh starter is halal. It has a certificate from MUI of ‘halal’ label. You can check it on the packages. Our tempeh starter is halal and safety so don’t worry to order.

If you are interested in making homemade tempeh by yourself, you can buy Raprima tempeh starter at our website. We can sell to all over Indonesia and even throughout the world. Besides, if you want to know more about tempeh such as tempeh recipes, how to cook tempeh, and so forth, we are here to help you.

Please, feel free to contact us every time at:


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

To facilitate you in purchasing, the payment can be transferred to PayPal and Western Union.

Ragi Tempe Raprima

Tempeh FAQs

Tempeh FAQs

1. What is tempeh?

Tempeh is defined as “the product fermented from soybeans with the help of Rhizopus sp mold. Simply said, tempeh is a fermented soybean made by a natural culturing and a controlled fermentation process. This process includes adding a tempeh starter, which is a mix of live mold. When tempeh sits for a day or two, it becomes a cake-like, fermented food product. It looks like in the form of cake, with grayish white color and unique smell.

2. How is the taste of tempeh?

the taste of tempeh is quite difficult to describe. It has a unique flavor and aroma, and a firm nutty texture. The texture and flavor of tempeh is nothing alike. It has a much stronger flavor than tofu. It is savory and nutty. The taste of tempeh is quite difficult to explain. It can be like mushrooms or chicken, but in fact, there is no way of telling what a particular brand tastes like until you taste it yourself.

3. What kind of tempeh starter do you sell?

We sell very good tempeh starter with the brand of Raprima produced by PT. Aneka Fermentasi Industri (AFI) Bandung – Indonesia.

4. How to order tempeh starter?

     1. Determine the amount of starter to be ordered
     2. The customer sends the complete address including mobile number
     3. The customer gets total price from us
     4. The customer transfers to our customer transfers to our PayPal Account

         at: nunungsetyawan@yahoo.com 

        or to our Bank Account:

Bank Permata Syariah
Bank Account:

Billing Sales:

Card Number:

Valid Thru:


     5. Shipment target is 3 days after transferring, the packet will be sent.
          Note: Please let us know if you already transfer the payments by contacting us via email or phone.

5. How about the price of tempeh starter and the shipping cost?

1 pack tempeh starter is $5. The total price depends on the amount of the order and the destination address. Once we know how much tempeh starter to order and the complete address from the customer, we can calculate the total price of tempeh starter along with the shipping cost.

6. What is the minimum and the maximum order for tempeh starter?

There is no minimum order because we also provide re-packaging of tempeh starter. While the maximum order is 25kg.

7. Is there any minimum order to get discounts?

The minimum order to get discounts is 10 packs (5kg).

8. How many month the normal expiry date for tempeh starter?

Our tempeh starter contains only white rice flour and rhizopus oligosporus spores. It doesn’t contain MSG or preservatives so that it doesn’t have long expiry date. It usually takes only 6 months.

9. What is the smallest packaging for your tempeh starter?

The smallest packaging for tempeh starter is 500 gr.

10. What service do you usually use and how many days it usually takes?

We use trusted service, EMS Pos Indonesia. If tempeh starter is sent to area in Indonesia, it normally takes about 1-4 days. While if sent to overseas usually takes 10-15 days.

11. Is there any code numbers for the packet?

Absolutely yes. As mentioned before, we use trusted service which gives easy access for checking your packet. You will get tracking numbers to check the location of the packet.

12. Is there any problem usually happens in the shipping process?

So far we send tempeh starter abroad, there is hardly big problem. There is one thing that can be noted, the estimation day of the packet. The packet can take longer due to some reasons. For example, bad weather which causes postponement of the delivery. The process of the shipping, in which the packet often transits from one cargo to another one, can also be the reason.

13. How about customs (bea cukai)?

Very important to note for the customers:

  1. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Those charges are the customers’ responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what those additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying.

  2. Each country has their own customs regulation for each different type of product purchased from other country. Before making purchase, please check your country customs regulation. We are not responsible for any custom fees or package rejected/hold by your customs or country. Don’t make order if you are not sure whether your country will reject or not this item.

14. How to make tempeh?


  1. Soybeans

  2. Tempeh starter

  3. Clean water

  4. Container (tampah or irik)

  5. Basin/Big Pot

  6. Banana leaves/plastic

  7. The stove/furnace


  1. Prepare good-quality soybeans. Its form is usually roundish shape and yellowish white color. After that, soybeans can be washed in a big basin/pot so that all the dirt can lost. This process is important because if the soybeans are dirty, then the tempeh produced will be less good. The boiling process can take about 1 hour to really mature.

  2. The soybeans boiled should be cooled. Simply place it in a bucket or large container and the boiling water does not need to be replaced. This process allows the skin attached in the soybean can be quickly peeled off. After a day of settling, soybeans can be washed up to exfoliate skin attached and removed. The used cooking water and the soybean skin can be given as cow’s drink or cattle food.

  3. Once clean, soybeans can be boiled again. This process takes about 30-90 minutes depending the amount of boiled soybeans.

  4. After that, let the soybeans aerated. Try to place it in the container or irik which has holes underneath so the water can be easily out. Once colder, we can provide yeast that has been pulverized, mixed it until blended.

  5. After blended, we can wrap it with banana leaves, bamboo that has been divided into 2 or plastics. Special for plastics, the surface should be pierced with a stick so that air can get in to make fermentation easy.

  6. After that, just wait until the tempeh fermentation process finish and tempeh are ready to processed into a delicious meal.

15. Do Indonesians use banana leaves or other leaves?

Yes, Indonesians use banana leaves. Sometimes, we also use banana leaves combined with paper. Using plastic is also possible, but the taste will not as delicious as using banana leaves. Here are the appearance each of them:

1. Using banana leaves (https://tempebumbung.files.)

2. Using banana leaves and paper (https://tempebumbung.files.

3. Using plastic (https://tempebumbung.files.)

16. What is the measurement of tempeh starter should be used?

  • 2gr (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 1kg soybeans

  • 1 teaspoonful (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 2.5kg soybeans

  • 1 tablespoon (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 10kg soybeans

17. Why tempeh tastes bitter?

There are many factors that make tempeh tasted bitter such as the dirty water, you keep it too warm/hot, too much starter used, or the soybeans are still wet when you blend them with starter.

18. Should vinegar be used in making tempeh?

You may use vinegar, but we don’t know for sure the measurement of it because in Indonesia, we don’t use vinegar to make tempeh.

19. Do you have a food safety certificate issued by the state of Indonesia?

About a food safety certificate, Raprima tempeh starter absolutely has food safety certificate. First, it has been certified by Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM RI MD 256928001051). This is an institution under Health Minister that monitors the distribution of medicines and food in Indonesia. Second, by Indonesia Ulama Council to get HALAL certificate. This is a research institute for food, drugs, and cosmetics that researches, reviews, analyzes, and decides whether those are safe to consume or not in the terms of health and islamic teaching which is HALAL and good to be consumed for Muslim, especially in Indonesia.

20. How to protect ragi tempeh? Is it necessary to preserve the freezer?

You can save tempeh starter on the jar, or other container which has normal temperature. Don’t put it on either too moist or too dry place. No need to keep it on the freezer.

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Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc


What is tempeh?

Everybody knows tempeh. Everybody loves it. And everybody eats it. It has no doubt that tempeh, a traditional food from Indonesia, nowadays is becoming popular almost all over the world. Have you ever tasted tempeh? What do you feel when you taste it? Can you describe it? Well, the taste of tempeh is quite difficult to describe. And yes, this is one thing that makes tempeh becoming popular. What makes tempeh popular is not only because of its affordable price and its high nutrient, but also its unique taste. This is also one thing that will make consumers addicted to consume it again, again, and again. However, tempeh is quite difficult to find in other countries.

Many people in other countries, either Indonesian people who work/live there or native people want to eat tempeh but they don’t know where to buy tempeh. Since it is so hard to get tempeh, many of them finally try to make tempeh by themselves. However, a new problem comes. We all know that to make tempeh we need tempeh starter. This is the second important material after soybeans.

So, what is tempeh starter?

Well, tempeh starter is a dried mixture of live Rhizopus spores with substrate that play an important role in fermentation process of making tempeh. To make good quality of tempeh, you need to use good quality of tempeh starter. Raprima tempeh starter is what you will need. This is a high quality tempeh starter you can use to make your own tempeh. And if you ask “where to get Raprima tempeh starter?”, the answer is right here. You can get Raprima tempeh starter with affordable price from us.

The order of Raprima tempeh starter from Hanoi, Vietnam

Several weeks ago, we got an order from Mrs. Anh Ngoc from Hanoi, Vietnam. He wanted to learn how to make tempeh by himself. He told us that he really loved tempeh because of it high nutrient and it is good for vegetarian. He ordered 20kg Raprima tempeh starter from us. He also asked us about the food safety certificate of Raprima tempeh starter that we sell. For your information, we provide the answer in our website. Please, open our link at food-safety-licenses-of-raprima- if you want to know the food safety licenses of Raprima tempeh starter.

Then, we sent Raprima tempeh starter via Pos Indonesia with estimation 1 until 3 weeks. This is a picture of Mrs. Anh Ngoc’s order.

Picture 1. 20kg Raprima tempeh starter

Picture 1. 20kg Raprima tempeh starter

After 3 weeks, Raprima tempeh starter that Mrs. Anh Ngoc ordered already arrived. He then tried to make tempeh by himself. In the process of making tempeh, sometimes he found several problems and failed. Here is a picture of his tempeh:

Picture 2. Tempeh was unsuccessful

Picture 2. Tempeh was unsuccessful

He shared his difficulties to us via e-mail. We then tried to help and guide him as much as we could. We gave some instructions to him and he followed it step by step until he finally succeeded in making tempeh by himself. Here are some picture of his success:

Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc

Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mrs. Anh Ngoc

Picture 4. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc

Picture 4. Tempeh made by Mrs. Anh Ngoc

His tempeh was finally successful as you can see at the picture above. Mrs. Anh Ngoc’s success proves that making your own tempeh is actually not difficult. You might face some problems in the process, but no worries. You can contact us whenever you need, we are here to help you. You can share everything you want to share like how to make tempeh, tempeh recipes, etc, and we will help you as much as we can.

Now you can try to make tempeh by yourself in your home. If you want to order Raprima tempeh starter, you can order it from us with relatively affordable price. Once you try using our tempeh starter, you will be able to make your own tempeh at your home with good quality. We are ready to send Raprima tempeh starter to all over Indonesia, even throughout the world. We provide Raprima tempeh starter from retail purchase of small party or in bulk, even wholesale. You can open our website at https://tempebumbung.wordpress.com/ if you need more information about tempeh. Just contact us whenever you need at:


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

Thank you for reading.

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Raprima Tempeh Starter



Tempeh is a traditional food for Indonesian. The special taste of tempeh makes society in Indonesia love tempeh so much. And it becomes their favorite foods. Tempeh becomes a friend when they breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And now tempeh becomes a snack that can be consumed all the time. Usually this snack is called tempeh chips. You can find it in supermarket near your house. Not only that, tempeh chips becomes their partner when they are working, watching television, or especially when they feel boring or take a rest after they do activities all day long.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

In making tempeh, there is an important materials that must be combined. It is tempeh starter. So if you want to make a tempeh starter by your self, this is how to make tempeh starter:

The ingredients that you need to make tempeh starter:

  • Rice about 300 gram

  • Tempeh powder about 3 gram or as the same as 1% from the number of total rice that you use

  • Rice powder that has been fried


  • Tool is used to steam

  • Bamboo tampah

  • Wood stirrer

  • Plastic or more better banana leaf

  • Grinder or pounder

  • Sift for flour

  • Wok for frying rice

  • Plastic bag sufficiently

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter


1. The first step in making tempeh starter is wash the rice until clean. After that cook rice until done. Then raise and chill it.

2. Rice that has been cold then sprinkle with tempeh powder as much as 3 grams. Stir until well mixed.

3. Then rice that has been sprinkled with tempeh powder which saved on the top of bamboo tampah, and this bamboo tampah has been cleaned. After that, covered it with banana leaf and plastic.

4. Save that tampah with the rice in the curing place until all rice are grown by mushrooms. That mushroom grow which is called mushrooms of tempeh. The mushrooms are already is a mushrooms that complete with spore and it will look black. In the curing place, occasionally open the cover of plastic or banana leaf but don’t do it often.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

5. After the rice become black color because of spore mushroom, take and dry on the sun until dry evenly.

6. After dry, puree the rice by pounding or ground. After smooth, sift the rice powder and save it in the container.

7. Next, the results of sieve is called tempeh starter diluted with rice powder that has been fried sangan. The comparison, for 10 gram of tempeh starter is added 50 until 100 gram of the rice powder sangan.

8. After finished, save tempeh starter in the plastic, don’t let the air come in. It is easy right in making tempeh starter. So, what’s wrong if you try it.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Now, you can try to make tempeh starter by your self in your house. The materials that is needed is simple and easy to find it. But if you don’t have the time to make tempeh starter, you can order tempeh starter in our website tempebumbung.wordpress.com. Tempeh strater that we provide is Raprima Tempeh Starter. We give you service all the time, so you can contact us whenever. We give service for ordering from Indonesia and also abroad. So just for you who loves tempeh, you can contact us below:


email: tempebumbung@gmail.com

office: Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55581

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