how to order raprima tempeh starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter



What Is Raprima Tempeh Starter?

Raprima tempeh starter is a Rhizopus Oligosprus based tempeh starter, produced in controlled, which is used to grow spores fungus in making tempeh. This starter is produced in a controlled, totally safe environment and regularly tested by the Government. As we know that in the process of fermentation of making tempeh, good-quality starter is highly needed indeed. The type of starter used will affect the quality of tempeh produced. That is why you had better choose starter Raprima tempeh starter to produce good quality of tempeh. Raprima tempeh starter contains rice powder, as media, and Rhizopus Oligosprus spores which is produced by PT. Aneka Fermentasi Industri (AFI) from Bandung, West Java.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima tempeh starter has been registered by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) with product number BPOM RI MD 256928001051. NA-DFC has abilities to detect, prevent and control such products in order to protect the consumers security and health in the country and overseas. This agency is established with a national and international networking, authority to conduct law enforcement and highly credible professionalism. The main functions of NA-DFC are:

  • The assessment and organization of national policy in food and drug evaluation field,

  • The implementation of a specific policy in food and drug evaluation field,

  • The coordination of functional activities in the implementing of NA-DFC duties,

  • Monitoring and providing guidance and development on the activities of the government agencies in food and drug evaluation field,

  • The implementation of guidance and public administration service in general planning field, administration, organization and governance, officialdom, finance, archives, coding, equipment and household.

Furthermore, Raprima tempeh starter has also been registered by the halal certification agencies, Indonesian Ulema Council with product number LPPOM 01311082190113. In Indonesia, it is well-known as LPPOM MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). MUI Halal certificate is a written fatwa, a decision based on Al-Qur’an and Al-Hadith, which is issued by Indonesian Ulema Council, declaring about the “HALAL” of a product in accordance with Islamic shari’ah. MUI Halal certificate is a requirement to get government’s permit for halal labeling on the packaging of a product. Those certificates are accomplished to give a certainty about halal status of food, medicines, cosmetics, and other products to reassure the consumers’ mind in consuming the product.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Is Raprima Tempeh Starter Safe To Use?

SURE! With those two certificates and licenses from two agencies, Raprima tempeh starter has obtained its permit to be marketed in all over Indonesia, even throughout the world. Its safety is fully-guaranteed by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) and Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI). As a proof, you can see the label of its license in front of Raprima packaging. First, please have a look at the bottom left of the product. There is a license numbers from Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control with BPOM RI MD 256928001051. Second, on the top right there is a “HALAL” label from Indonesia Ulema Council “MAJELIS ULAMA INDONESIA” with product number LPPOM 01311082190113.

Now, you already know the food safety licenses of Raprima tempeh starter. As a result, you have nothing to worry about using it. You can make your own tempeh at home start from now with ease. If you don’t know how to start, you can get tempeh recipes firstly, then learn how to make tempeh. And if you have mastered how to make it by yourself, you can try to learn how to cook tempeh so you can produce any kind of tempeh menus.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Where To Buy Tempeh Starter?

Furthermore, if you ask “where to get Raprima tempeh starter?”, the answer is right here. If you are about to buy Raprima tempeh starter, we are here to serve you. Please feel free to contact us anytime you need. We provide it start from retail purchase of small party or in bulk, even wholesale.

Contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242



Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

We sell raprima tempeh starter to all over regions of Indonesia and even throughout the world. To make your purchasing easier, the payment can be transferred to PayPal and Western Union.

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Raprima Tempeh Starter



Tempeh is a traditional food for Indonesian. The special taste of tempeh makes society in Indonesia love tempeh so much. And it becomes their favorite foods. Tempeh becomes a friend when they breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And now tempeh becomes a snack that can be consumed all the time. Usually this snack is called tempeh chips. You can find it in supermarket near your house. Not only that, tempeh chips becomes their partner when they are working, watching television, or especially when they feel boring or take a rest after they do activities all day long.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

In making tempeh, there is an important materials that must be combined. It is tempeh starter. So if you want to make a tempeh starter by your self, this is how to make tempeh starter:

The ingredients that you need to make tempeh starter:

  • Rice about 300 gram

  • Tempeh powder about 3 gram or as the same as 1% from the number of total rice that you use

  • Rice powder that has been fried


  • Tool is used to steam

  • Bamboo tampah

  • Wood stirrer

  • Plastic or more better banana leaf

  • Grinder or pounder

  • Sift for flour

  • Wok for frying rice

  • Plastic bag sufficiently

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter


1. The first step in making tempeh starter is wash the rice until clean. After that cook rice until done. Then raise and chill it.

2. Rice that has been cold then sprinkle with tempeh powder as much as 3 grams. Stir until well mixed.

3. Then rice that has been sprinkled with tempeh powder which saved on the top of bamboo tampah, and this bamboo tampah has been cleaned. After that, covered it with banana leaf and plastic.

4. Save that tampah with the rice in the curing place until all rice are grown by mushrooms. That mushroom grow which is called mushrooms of tempeh. The mushrooms are already is a mushrooms that complete with spore and it will look black. In the curing place, occasionally open the cover of plastic or banana leaf but don’t do it often.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

5. After the rice become black color because of spore mushroom, take and dry on the sun until dry evenly.

6. After dry, puree the rice by pounding or ground. After smooth, sift the rice powder and save it in the container.

7. Next, the results of sieve is called tempeh starter diluted with rice powder that has been fried sangan. The comparison, for 10 gram of tempeh starter is added 50 until 100 gram of the rice powder sangan.

8. After finished, save tempeh starter in the plastic, don’t let the air come in. It is easy right in making tempeh starter. So, what’s wrong if you try it.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Now, you can try to make tempeh starter by your self in your house. The materials that is needed is simple and easy to find it. But if you don’t have the time to make tempeh starter, you can order tempeh starter in our website Tempeh strater that we provide is Raprima Tempeh Starter. We give you service all the time, so you can contact us whenever. We give service for ordering from Indonesia and also abroad. So just for you who loves tempeh, you can contact us below:



office: Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55581

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