Easy Steps To Dehulling Soybeans in Making Tempeh

How to Dehull Soybeans?

Tempeh-Making Process : How To Dehull Soybeans?

Cheap and highly nutritious. This is the right word for soy product called tempeh. This authentic Indonesian food is proven to have high nutrition due to the fermentation process.

According to Indonesian Dietitian, this change in nutritional value is caused by the addition of the moisture content and the fungus that grow in the soybeans so that it is not as dense as when it’s still in the form of seeds.

Tempeh is a soy product made from fermented soybean seeds using several types of Rhizopus molds such as Rhizopus Oligosporus, Rh. Oryzae, Rh. Stolonifer, and Rh. Arrhizus.

This molds is usually called ragi tempeh, ‘yeast’ or ‘starter’.

The research shows that the fungus that grows on the soy will hydrolyze simple compounds. As a result, tempeh will then is easily digested by the human body. Of course, this will give positive effect to our body.

Soybean Dehull Process

In the process of making soy-based tempeh, the usual thing to do by tempeh makers is peeling or dehulling the epidermis from soybeans.

The purpose of dehulling the soybean skin is during the fermentation process, mycelium fungi can penetrate the soybean seeds. This process can be done in various ways, both manual and modern ways.

Peeling the skin of soybeans is one of the steps taken in making tempeh. (Souce : sustymeal.com)
Peeling the skin of soybeans is one of the steps taken in making tempeh. (Souce : sustymeal.com)

Then, How To Dehull Soybeans?

In order to make tempeh, soybean seeds should be hulled first. But few people think that getting rid of the hulls is a challenge.

They cannot easily obtain already de-hulled soybean halves. Some specialty markets or online retailers sell soybean halves or pre-hulled soybeans.

However, if you have no access to those, or you may not want to pay the premium price, there are some ways to hull your soybean seeds.

So, in this site you will discover how to remove the soybeans in two ways: traditional and modern.

Let’s check this out!

1. Dehulling Soybeans In A Traditional Way

In this way, you are asked to do it manually. How to do that?

  1. First, place the soybeans in a clean container such as bucket, basin, or a wire basket.

  2. Soak the soybeans for one night 10-12 hours. It allows the beans absorb the water so that it can easily peeled off.

  3. After soaked for overnight, soybeans are ready to be cleaned.

  4. While cleaning the beans, you can dip it into water several times and shake it to bring the hulls to the top.

  5. It is also possible to shake the hulls to the left and then jerk it to the right. It will remove most of the hulls when done in a few times.

  6. The remaining hulls can be caught with a stainer when is going to place in the cooking pot.

  7. The hulls will come up to the surface just before the water begins to boil. You can pick them all carefully.
A colander like this helps the process of removing the skin of soybean that has been peeled.
A colander like this helps the process of removing the skin of soybean that has been peeled.

2. Dehulling Soybeans In A Modern Way

The modern way of dehulling soybeans is usually done for those who want to get the ease in peeling the hulls off, specially for big scale tempeh manufacturer.

Thus, the use of soybeans peeler machine is highly needed there. What kind of machine that you can use?

There are some example of this machine:

The Picture Of Soybeans Dehuller Machine Which Can Remove More Soybeans Seeds

Soybeans peeler machine is a tool that you can use to peel the skin of the soybeans, then usually break into 2 parts. In general, this machine is widely used for tempeh and tofu industry.

This machine works simply. Put the soybean seeds into the machine.

It will automatically remove the soybeans skin at the same time break the soybeans into 2 part.

Here are the advantages of using soybeans peeler machine:

  • Can break the soybean seeds well.
  • Can peel the epidermis well.
  • It works simply.
  • Can save energy and production costs.
  • Good for dry soybeans.

Should the Soy Skin Dehulling Process Be Done?

This is an optional process, so you can do it or you can’t. But if you look at the craftsmen of tempeh craftsmen in Indonesia, most of them carry out the process of peeling or dehulling the soybean skin.

However, because tempeh has now become a food that is widely known to the world community, the making of tempeh also becomes varied.

One of them is without peeling the soybean skin. And, this step can also produce delicious tempeh. So, this is an option for you, you can peel or not peel the skin of soybean as you wish.

Tempeh contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that are good for digestion and your body.
Tempeh contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that are good for digestion and your body.

Are There Other Ways to Get Peeled Soybeans Without Having To Peel It Manually?

As many people feel, peeling or dehulling the skin of soybean by hand (manually) requires more time. But that is not a problem for people who are happy to do it.

Conversely, for people who still want to consume homemade tempeh without peeling the skin of soy because there is no time? What to do? Yes, simply put, you can buy a lot of peeled soybeans that are available in stores or online stores.

Of course, it will be much easier for those of you who don’t have time to peel the soybean skin manually. However, what if one day you can’t find peeled soybeans? Well, there is still one tool that you can use.

Namely the meat mill machine, which you can use to peel the soybean skin with the position of dry soybeans. However, the maximum yield of milled is split into two, if the results that come out of this mill are too small pieces, then it means you inevitably have to peel the soybean skin manually.

Making tempeh is not difficult. There are several ways to make tempeh, in traditional way or modern way. In its origin, tempeh traditional is easy to find including the process and the packaging which uses various leaves as wrappers.

The modern way to make tempeh is mostly using machine in its process. For example the use of dehulling machine. Usually, this machine is highly needed for big scale.

Tempeh starter is the basic thing you need to make tempeh.
Tempeh starter is the basic thing you need to make tempeh.

Now you already now how to dehull the soybeans. You can choose which is best and most proper to do between traditional way and modern way. You can also ask other questions about tempeh starter, the equipments for making tempeh, etc.

One of the important things that you need to make tempeh besides soybeans is the tempeh starter. Tempeh starter will help the fermentation process, so the fungus or mycelium can grow entire the soybeans and become cake-like of soybean.

Where to find tempeh starter? Don’t worry, we are a tempeh starter seller, and we can send it overseas. Just contact us through email or WhatsApp and we will help you to get the best tempeh starter.

If you have more question about what is written in this site, please email or phone us. We like to help you. Feel free to contact us at:


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  1. So glad I found your website! Your tempeh starter is amazing. Your service is impeccable and the tempeh starter that I ordered came pretty fast to Canada. I’ve made tempeh already with your starter and it’s very delicious. I’ve also frozen my tempeh starter and had no problems with it. Thanks so much again for your information and tips.


    1. Hi Szasza! Thank you for ordering our starter tempeh and various experiences with us. We wish your activities in making tempeh at home will always going success 🙂


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