Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc


What is tempeh?

Everybody knows tempeh. Everybody loves it. And everybody eats it. It has no doubt that tempeh, a traditional food from Indonesia, nowadays is becoming popular almost all over the world. Have you ever tasted tempeh? What do you feel when you taste it? Can you describe it? Well, the taste of tempeh is quite difficult to describe. And yes, this is one thing that makes tempeh becoming popular. What makes tempeh popular is not only because of its affordable price and its high nutrient, but also its unique taste. This is also one thing that will make consumers addicted to consume it again, again, and again. However, tempeh is quite difficult to find in other countries.

Many people in other countries, either Indonesian people who work/live there or native people want to eat tempeh but they don’t know where to buy tempeh. Since it is so hard to get tempeh, many of them finally try to make tempeh by themselves. However, a new problem comes. We all know that to make tempeh we need tempeh starter. This is the second important material after soybeans.

So, what is tempeh starter?

Well, tempeh starter is a dried mixture of live Rhizopus spores with substrate that play an important role in fermentation process of making tempeh. To make good quality of tempeh, you need to use good quality of tempeh starter. Raprima tempeh starter is what you will need. This is a high quality tempeh starter you can use to make your own tempeh. And if you ask “where to get Raprima tempeh starter?”, the answer is right here. You can get Raprima tempeh starter with affordable price from us.

The order of Raprima tempeh starter from Hanoi, Vietnam

Several weeks ago, we got an order from Mrs. Anh Ngoc from Hanoi, Vietnam. He wanted to learn how to make tempeh by himself. He told us that he really loved tempeh because of it high nutrient and it is good for vegetarian. He ordered 20kg Raprima tempeh starter from us. He also asked us about the food safety certificate of Raprima tempeh starter that we sell. For your information, we provide the answer in our website. Please, open our link at food-safety-licenses-of-raprima- if you want to know the food safety licenses of Raprima tempeh starter.

Then, we sent Raprima tempeh starter via Pos Indonesia with estimation 1 until 3 weeks. This is a picture of Mrs. Anh Ngoc’s order.

Picture 1. 20kg Raprima tempeh starter

Picture 1. 20kg Raprima tempeh starter

After 3 weeks, Raprima tempeh starter that Mrs. Anh Ngoc ordered already arrived. He then tried to make tempeh by himself. In the process of making tempeh, sometimes he found several problems and failed. Here is a picture of his tempeh:

Picture 2. Tempeh was unsuccessful

Picture 2. Tempeh was unsuccessful

He shared his difficulties to us via e-mail. We then tried to help and guide him as much as we could. We gave some instructions to him and he followed it step by step until he finally succeeded in making tempeh by himself. Here are some picture of his success:

Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc

Picture 3. Tempeh made by Mrs. Anh Ngoc

Picture 4. Tempeh made by Mr. Anh Ngoc

Picture 4. Tempeh made by Mrs. Anh Ngoc

His tempeh was finally successful as you can see at the picture above. Mrs. Anh Ngoc’s success proves that making your own tempeh is actually not difficult. You might face some problems in the process, but no worries. You can contact us whenever you need, we are here to help you. You can share everything you want to share like how to make tempeh, tempeh recipes, etc, and we will help you as much as we can.

Now you can try to make tempeh by yourself in your home. If you want to order Raprima tempeh starter, you can order it from us with relatively affordable price. Once you try using our tempeh starter, you will be able to make your own tempeh at your home with good quality. We are ready to send Raprima tempeh starter to all over Indonesia, even throughout the world. We provide Raprima tempeh starter from retail purchase of small party or in bulk, even wholesale. You can open our website at https://tempebumbung.wordpress.com/ if you need more information about tempeh. Just contact us whenever you need at:


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

Thank you for reading.

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