Raprima Tempeh Starter

Serving Tempeh Starter Order To Malaysia

Serving Tempeh Starter Order To Malaysia

Tempeh is a traditional soy product made from fermented soybeans originally from Indonesia, and is especially popular on the Java island, where it is a staple source of protein. It is known as a popular vegan food as a substitute for meat, and it is gluten-free. The fermentation process of making tempeh and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. That is why tempeh now is used worldwide in vegetarian cuisine because of its nutritional value.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Because tempeh is a low-fat and high-protein food, there are many vegetarians choose to include tempeh in their menu. This is a naturally cholesterol-free food, as are all vegan foods. This is one reasons why tempeh is becoming popular not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. Malaysia is one countries with so many people who love tempeh. Many people there are consuming tempeh in order to get its healthy benefits. When they know exactly its benefits for health, they begins fond this healthy food.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Well, if you do not live in Indonesia, finding tempeh starter can be quite difficult. Tempeh starter is a fermentation starter used for fermenting the soybeans to be temeh. Starter is a kind of beneficial fermentation substance that usually contains microorganisms to ferment and place or media of its microorganisms to breed. The fermentation culture contains the spores of Rhizopus Oligosporus that will transform soybeans to be tempeh. Good tempeh starter is required to produce tempeh. One type of tempeh starter which has high quality is a type of tempeh starter of Raprima brand which is from Bandung, West Java.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

If you feel difficult to find this tempeh starter of Raprima brand, you can get it easily in our online market with relatively affordable price. Once you get this kind of tempeh starter, you can make your own tempeh at your home with good quality. We will provide you good quality of Raprima tempeh starter. We are also ready to send tempeh starter of Raprima brand to various countries in the world, especially to Malaysia. You can contact us whenever you need. We provide Raprima tempeh starter for you, start from retail purchase of small party or in bulk, even wholesale. If you need more information about Raprima tempeh starter, you can visit our website at tempebumbung.wordpress.com. And if you have something to ask or share, we are here to help you.

Start making your own tempeh. Order the best tempeh starter with us!

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