Soybean Tempeh

The Easy Way To Make Your Own Tempeh

The Easy Way To Make Your Own Tempeh

Tempeh is one of the foodstuff which is already quite familiar in our daily life. It is made from soybeans through a fermentation process so it produces soy covered with white membrane that we usually call tempeh. The tempeh-making process is actually not difficult and we can make it ourselves though on a small scale. The most important things in the tempeh-making process are the materials used must be clean, the soybean used must be good-quality and quite old, and the yeast used must be also good-quality. All of those will affect the production of tempeh that we make.

Soybean Tempeh

Soybean Tempeh

To make our own tempeh, we can prepare some ingredients such as:

  1. Soybeans

  2. Tempeh yeast

  3. Clean water

  4. Container (tampah or irik)

  5. Basin/Big Pot

  6. Banana leaves/plastic

  7. The stove/furnace



How to make:

  1. Prepare good-quality soybeans. Its form is usually roundish shape and yellowish white color. After that, soybeans can be washed in a big basin/pot so that all the dirt can lost. This process is important because if the soybeans are dirty, then the tempeh produced will be less good. The boiling process can take about 1 hour to really mature.

  2. The soybeans boiled should be cooled. Simply place it in a bucket or large container and the boiling water does not need to be replaced. This process allows the skin attached in the soybean can be quickly peeled off. After a day of settling, soybeans can be washed up to exfoliate skin attached and removed. The used cooking water and the soybean skin can be given as cow’s drink or cattle food.

  3. Once clean, soybeans can be boiled again. This process takes about 30-90 minutes depending the amount of boiled soybeans.

  4. After that, let the soybeans aerated. Try to place it in the container or irik which has holes underneath so the water can be easily out. Once colder, we can provide yeast that has been pulverized, mixed it until blended.

  5. After blended, we can wrap it with banana leaves, bamboo that has been divided into 2 or plastics. Special for plastics, the surface should be pierced with a stick so that air can get in to make fermentation easy.

  6. After that, just wait until the tempeh fermentation process finish and tempeh are ready to processed into a delicious meal.

In the process of fermentation, good-quality yeast is needed indeed. The type of yeast used will affect the quality of tempeh produced. Therefore, you had better choose yeast that can give good quality to the tempeh produced. The type of tempeh yeast commonly used is type of raprima brands which you can get in our place.

Please read our article in
Selling Tempeh Yeast Brand Of Raprima.

Soybean Tempeh

Soybean Tempeh

Tempeh can be processed into a variety of dishes, either a light meal, a snack or a main course when dining with family. In a restaurant even, soybean meal is in the menu list, especially for Javanese cuisine. We can make a variety of tempeh processed like Tempeh Botok, Tempeh Chips, Tempeh Brittle, Tempeh Orak Arik, Bacem Tempeh, Fried Tempeh, Mendoan Tempeh, Vegetable Santan Tempeh and many others.

If you are about to make tempeh by yourself, you can contact us to get good-quality tempeh yeast. Just contact us whenever you need. We are ready to send our product throughout the world with the affordable price.

Contact us at:
+62 857 4849 1242

Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

If you have something to share, such as the difficulty of making tempeh, how to make tempeh, etc, we are here to help you with pleasure.


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