Raprima Tempeh Starter



Starter is one the necessary ingredients in the manufacture of tempeh. It is required during the fermentation process of soybeans for tempeh. There are various kinds of tempeh starter. In our place, we sell type of tempeh starter, raprima band. Before we market raprima tempeh starter, we have already used tempeh starter to make ‘bumbung’ tempeh since few years ago.

With our experience in using raprima tempeh starter, ‘bumbung’ tempeh produced was nice. Therefore, besides ‘bumbung’ tempeh that has become our flagship product since 1960, we try to take the advantages of this opportunity to market raprima tempeh starter online through our website at tempebumbung.wordpress.com.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Online marketing of tempeh starter is indeed quite lucrative, some of our customers who come from various regions in Indonesia benefit from our tempeh starter marketing online. Even thoug our primay sales is online, direct purchases are also welcomed.

Startter online marketing had also encouraged Mrs. Mira from Jakarta who wanted to order raprima tempeh starter in our place. After seeing the products that we marketed through websites and sales sites, she was interested to try ordering raprima tempeh starter by retail. By ordering 4 packs of starters, we then delivered it to her in Jakarta.

What is the advantageous of raprima tempeh yeast?

The followings are the advantageous of raprima tempeh yeast:

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

  1. It can produce tasty and durable tempeh.

  2. It can be used for the manufacture of tempeh on both a small scale and large scale.

  3. The price is quite affordable.

  4. Raprima tempeh starter is economically packaged in the powder form to make it easy to use.

We used the services of Pos Indonesia in the shipping of raprima tempeh starter for Mrs. Mira in Jakarta with an estimation 3-4 days the starter would be received. The ordering process of tempeh starter in our place is one day after the transfer, we send the starter then. It is intended that the customers will not wait longer than the ordering process.

As the previous deliveries, raprima starter ordred by Mr. Mira was intended to the manufacture of temeh. With the purchase of 4 packs of raprima starter, it was possibly used for large party since a pack of starter had been able to use for few kilograms of soybean.

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Well, if you are about to make homemade tempeh, please contact us to get raprima brand of tempeh starter. We provide a small party of retail purchase or in large scale, even whosale.

Please contact us!


+62 857 4849 1242




Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

We sell raprima tempeh starter to all over regions of Indonesia and also throughout the world. To make your purchasing easier, the payment can be transferred to PayPal and Western Union.

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