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6 Important Component Beneficial for Health in Soybean Tempe Piece

6 Important Component Beneficial for Health in Soybean Tempe Piece

Tempe is one food that can be used everyday family dishes. Many types are made from the main menu as Semur tempeh, Satay Tempeh, Tempeh botok , Bacem Tempeh, Tempeh fritters, Tempeh spring rolls and much more. It turned out that in a piece of tempeh contains many substances that are beneficial to the body.

The composition of nutrients in 100 grams of soybean tempeh:

  1. Phosphorus 154 mg
  2. Energy 149 kcal
  3. Calcium 129 mg
  4. Vitamin A 50 SI
  5. Protein 18.3 g
  6. Carbohydrates 12.7 g
  7. Iron 10 mg
  8. Fat 4 g
  9. Vitamin B1 0.17 mg

Biji Kedelai

  1. protein

Tempeh contains 18 types of proteins and amino acids that are good for the body. One benefit is easy to digest food. Protein plays a role in tissue repair of the human body and plays a role in the formation of muscle tissue, bones, nails and hair. Protein is also beneficial in the formation of body tissues, reduces depression and for women who are pregnant participated in the formation of the fetus. The many benefits of protein for the human body, the use of sustainable and in a sufficient portion will help provide the body’s need for protein.

  1. Calcium

Calcium plays a role in blood clotting, and enzyme processes are also important in the process of bone growth. For that to children in the growth process, the calcium becomes a very important substance. In the basic composition of the human body, calcium ranks fifth after Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen.

  1. Magnesium

Helps maintain muscle and nerve function, supports the immune system, keeping blood sugar levels, keeping the immune system, maintain the stability of the heart. For that when the season is a transition that usually various diseases appear, magnesium can help us to have immunity and are not easy to get sick.

Tempe Kedelai

Tempe Kedelai

  1. Phosphor

Build strong teeth bones, cells and body tissue repair, helping balance of vitamins and minerals. For that recovering from illness phosphorus is very beneficial, by consuming foods that contain a lot of phosphorus, it can help the body’s cells and tissues to immediately recover.

  1. vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is needed in the formation of red blood cell. If the deficiency, the symptoms are pale, weight loss and abdominal pain. Keep in mind that Tempe is a source of foods containing vitamin B12 derived from vegetable .

  1. antioxidants

In the tempeh contains antioxidants in the form of isoflavones. It is useful to address the free radicals from the foods we eat often. If consumed in sufficient quantities and regularly, can prevent premature aging. What is certain antioxidant produced from tempeh is a natural substance that is safe for the body.

That’s part of the substances contained in a piece of tempeh.To get the maximum results certainly should continue to consume. Currently there are no studies that prove that the use of soybean in the long term will have a negative effect. For it is not wrong if consumed in the long term.

Tempe is usually cooked with fried, boiled, roasted, in vegetable coconut milk, stir even in raw foods can also be. To reduce the use of oil, then cook cultivated with interspersed without having to use oil continuously.

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