Things That Affect Success In Making Soybean Tempe

Things That Affect Success In Making Soybean Tempe

Tempe Soybean is one of the results of domestic industry. Many of the people who produce soybean tempeh from a small to medium-sized and distributed to the wider community. For soybean tempeh production on a large scale is still produced by the company or a cooperative joint venture.

In ancient times the soybean tempeh is still made in the traditional way and the capacity is still limited. Over time, how to manufacture, package and how to market it has undergone a change. The most fundamental thing in making soy tempeh is a manufacturing process that takes a long time and priority to the cleanliness. If the process does not pay attention to the rules of making soy tempeh is good then the results will not be satisfactory.

Although it seems simple, it turns in making soy tempeh requires cleanliness, good yeast, raw material quality and adequate infrastructure in order to have a high success rate.


How to choose a quality soy?

Soybeans are a good use for the manufacture of tempeh is quite old age, tawny-colored, round and smooth shape, solid. In general, people are still using soybean imports because the results are better than the local soybean. It is ironic, when soybeans are still needed in large amounts, but local soybean products of unsatisfactory quality of our farmers. Of raw materials, land preparation and planting of improper influence the production of soybean us. Though soybean market share is still very wide. Who was forced to be met by imports from abroad.

Soybean yellow, brownish most appropriate to be used as raw materials tempeh,while the black soya is more suitable for use as a raw material of soy sauce. Soybeans also be fairly old, otherwise it tempeh products will have a bitter flavor, tempeh also unevenly covered with mold that is white in color.

Are yeast tempeh be one of the factors that influence the success of making soy tempeh?

Yes, yeast tempeh affect the final result of making tempeh. For yeast tempeh is slightly different from tape yeast are sold in traditional markets. For yeast tempeh usually purchased in a store or a cooperative for entrepreneurs tofu and tempeh. yeast formerly sold only use hibiscus leaves , but this time the yeast is sold in units of kilograms. webbed thin leaf mold , webbed thin leaf mold , which will use them when staying greasing – dab into soybeans that have been boiled and put into place flat. However, yeast is increasingly rare, except in villages are still inaccessible.

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How can affect the success of the boiling process of making soy tempeh?

Soybeans are used in the manufacture of tempeh should be washed clean and skin removed. After it is boiled for a long time that soy really soft. After that, before being given the yeast will be destroyed so easily in the fermentation process / fermentation. Soybeans are still hard and intact, generally the less liked.

In the process of making tempeh, hygiene becomes the main thing. The materials used, facilities and infrastructure must also be clean. Soybeans should be washed clean, the equipment used is clean and dry and free of salt. The leaves are used to wrap should be wiped clean. That requires caution and careful planning. Do not let the equipment used is still contaminated with dirt, the result of making tempeh failure.

In the manufacture of tempeh, sometimes giving additional materials in order to reduce production costs and have higher profits. The additional materials such as milled maize or cassava. If added additional material will affect the taste, so it is less acidic. If cooked soybeans will decrease its savory flavor. Coconut pulp is often added as an additive. If you are new then the result will be good, but if the coconut pulp is already rotten, it can cause poisoning.

Is there any substance to accelerate the process of fermentation of soy?

There are some additional material that serves to accelerate the fermentation process. Examples are raw papaya and glutinous rice flour. Material papaya soybean will help soften and nourish the growth of mold. While the glutinous rice flour acts as a medium to grow mold, thereby increasing the soybean so easily weathered / tender.

Those are some things that affect the success of making tempeh. Hopefully useful and good luck.


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