Tempe Plastik

Knowing Various Packaging Soybean Tempe

Knowing Various Packaging Soybean Tempe

Tempe is a food derived from soybeans. Once fermented, soybeans will be transformed into tempeh. When fermented , tempeh usually wrapped or placed in a container to enhance the fermentation process. Once given yeast, tempeh will change shape like a wrapper.

Currently on the market are often encountered tempeh wrapped in plastic , well-rounded rectangular or elongated. in semi-urban and rural areas were also found wrapped in banana leaves tempeh. Even in advance when it is common to use plastic to wrap tempeh , but it still packs a lot of people use hibiscus leaves . But now wrap hibiscus leaves have been largely replaced by plastic.

Tempe Kedelai

Tempe Kedelai

The ease of obtaining plastic makes one cause flooding tempeh products with plastic packaging.Meanwhile, hibiscus leaves is already difficult to be found , except in the edge of the forest is increasingly displaced by settlement. now they can be obtained in banana leaves so we can use banana leaves to wrap tempeh

For those who frequently consume tempeh, tempeh can feel wrapped in plastic will vary with tempeh wrap with banana leaves or hibiscus. Tempe wrapped in banana leaves or hibiscus leaves tempeh claimed more savory than plastic wrap. In addition , more natural because it leaves easily destroyed during decomposition. So it does not cause pollution in the soil.

Tempe Plastik

Tempe Plastik

Unlike the plastic that raises garbage when burned will cause a bad odor. it will lead residue in the form of lumps of plastic that does not easily decompose in a process of decay. In order to reduce pollution and maintain the natural order is maintained then we should use natural materials, not of plastic that is the product of a chemical process.

There is another tempeh wrap which uses natural materials that wrap using a large bamboo is cut into two, to further bound to become tempeh elongated round. Results tempeh long and tubular will make tempeh have a size large enough and stable.

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