Tempe Bumbung, Characteristic Central Java city of Temanggung

Tempe Bumbung, Characteristic Central Java city of Temanggung

Waterford is one of regencies in Central Java Province, which borders the district of Magelang, Wonosobo. Temanggung district is a hilly region that is still lined with mountains Dieng. In Temanggung there are mountains of Sindoro. So no wonder that Waterford has a beautiful view of the street on the right and left overgrown plantations.

When we’ve been satisfied around the time we buy souvenirs typical of Temanggung. Well, there are interesting things to take home. Is that? Turns tempe tube. Tempe soybean tube is not using banana leaves or plastic as the wrapper, but the use of bamboo as a wrapper.


Bamboo is used typically large , lightweight , durable and a length of about 70 cm . Bamboo before use is divided into two parts .after bamboo cleaned and soaked in water used to soak the soybeans . After the sun dried and ready for use . Bamboo is used for tied with
so that the rope can not be separated . In any process of making tempe soybean , bamboo must undergo a process of boiling and drying . This may seem rather complicated and laborious , not to mention if the weather is cloudy , so the bamboo drying process difficult . But after becoming a tasty tempe tube then the fatigue was gone .

When soybean tempeh was ready to be marketed, the rope that held the bamboo will be released. Tempe soybeans that have shaped elongated round will be cut to fit the needs and number of requests. For one whole tempe tube with a length of 70 cm were rewarded with only Rp20,000. Affordable enough is not it? At an affordable price we can create a variety of menu dishes such as ice cream family tempeh, tempeh satay, roghout tempe, sautéed tempeh chili paste and much more.

Tempe Bumbung

Tempe Bumbung

Tempe bumbung be one good alternative to replace soybean tempe plastic wrappers commonly used today. Soybean tempe plastic is more practical in use but much produce waste that is not easily broken down by the decay process so that in the long run would damage the environment. Meanwhile, if using bamboo, the bamboo can be used repeatedly and can be decomposed by the decay process so it will not interfere with the preservation of nature.

Tempe Bumbung Temanggung now becoming known many people from various regions in Indonesia. Tempe This tube has the advantage that the solid form and when used as a raw material for making soy tempe crisps, then there is no raw material is wasted because it can be shaped as desired and needs. Chips usually have the form of a thin, large and tempe same tube can be used as raw material suitable.
If using plastic tempe, mica chips will only be faced box and longer in the cutting process because it consists of tempe wrap with a small size. Moreover, when using banana wrap it will be a lot of raw material is wasted because the size is not as big and small size.
For many entrepreneurs are now using tempe crisps tube as raw material for tempe chips.

Get Genuine Bumbung Tempe Temanggung. Please contact us, Anytime:
SMS / CALL: 082221235378
Ngebel, Kedungumpul, Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java

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