Product Tempe Bumbung

Product Tempe Bumbung

For some people may be unfamiliar with the term tempe Bumbung. No one did for tempe Bumbung originally from the town of Temanggung, a city in Central Java. Tempe tube shape is not the same as we often see the traditional market or in the nearby mall. For that we need to be acquainted with Tempe Bumbung us so that we better understand more with this type of tempe.

Tempe derived from fermented soybeans that tempe can be consumed us. Tempe itself has a few packets. Sold are usually wrapped clear plastic. Square shape and thickness varies. There is another wrapper made of banana leaves that are still green. In rural areas is still much to produce this kind tempe. While the large city has been rare since the raw materials for wrapping expensive and rare. So no wonder that many are turning to plastic wrap.

Tempe Bumbung

Tempe Bumbung

Even so, there is a difference between plastic wrap and wrap the leaf is mainly a matter of taste. Many argue tempe use banana leaves taste more savory when cooked. The pack is also environmentally friendly. For that tempe with banana leaf wrap sold in the market. Tempe Bumbung of Temanggung is another option on the side of the packaging when the process of making tempe. We use a tube or bamboo instead of using a leaf. The process of making tempe use bamboo or tube produces taste quality is not inferior to that using soy tempe leaves.

Tempe Bumbung of how to make it the same as other tempe namely through a washing process raw materials, giving the yeast and wrapping process. The difference is again the Bumbung Tempe is situated on the wrapper that is quite unique. Yes wrappings made of Bamboo great length about 50-70 cm, to a diameter of about 10-12 cm. Bamboo only serves to wrap and form tempe only. When will be traded bamboo or tube is removed. The seasoning can be washed to be used repeatedly. It is quite economical and environmentally friendly. Compare when wrapped in plastic which will definitely be a waste that needs to be recycled again.


For soybean production is still limited bumbung not on a large scale managed by the company or a cooperative container. Usually that produces still home scale. For sales is also limited in the area, has not been able to reach in the area which is located quite far much less on the other islands. Lack of tempeh makers, whose products are not durable and are not arranged delivery distribution is a challenge in tempe ushan tube.


But it can be overcome by sending tempeh that are not quite finished (still half finished) so that when arriving at the destination still tasty consumed. But for the cost of production to be increased because the tube joined sold upon delivery. Bamboo itself used large manifold Bambu Apus, a type of bamboo that are large, not easily weathered and large diameter. Bamboo is still common in rural areas in Indonesia.

Tempe Daun

Tempe Bumbung

For tempe one tube prices range from 20 thousand. Usually in a large tube can be cut to order, and the size requested. Usually that order in bulk the company’s production of tempeh chips. Advantages of using tempeh tube, the size of large chips and standards so tempeh that can not be used less and less. Of course it is an advantage for the company. If using tempeh tempeh wrap leaves the lot size is not suitable to be exposed to a sort. The advantage of using a tube tempe, tempeh tastes more savory than plastic wrap. More affordable and produces no trash on the wrapper.

If you are interested you can contact us. We produce tempe tube medium scale, if you order a large quantity of up to one hundred pounds per day, we can serve the reservation. Our Tempe hygienic, clean and are made according to prevailing standards. In addition, no preservatives, no other additives.

Contact Us Anytime:


0822 2123 5378

Ngebel, Kedungumpul, Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java

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