Eskrim Tempe

Ice cream Tempe Soy Delicious And Healthy

Ice cream Tempe Soy Delicious And Healthy

In general, the ice cream is made from milk that is coupled with a variety of fresh fruits. To create a variation we can add soy tempeh. Although there is the addition tempeh but not so reduces the flavor of ice cream that we make. Tempe soybean tempeh flour can be replaced with that practical in making it.

The material is anything to make ice cream soybean tempeh?

Materials used:

  1. 300 grams of tempeh is cut
  2. 200 ml coconut milk
  3. 250 ml milk
  4. 4 eggs, beaten
  5. 2 eggs, whites only download
  6. Meises chocolate taste
  7. Enough water
Eskrim Tempe

Eskrim Tempe

How to make?
a. Tempe which has been cut beforehand boiled until cooked.
b. After a cold tempe, new in blender until smooth.
c. Tempe that has been refined, mixed with beaten eggs and milk.
d. next the egg white mixed with liquid milk. Whisk so average.
e. Mix the dough into one. Sprinkle top with chocolate meises if liked.
f. Enter into refrigerator Wait until cool.
g. Serve

Es Cream Tempe

Eskrim Tempe

After reading the above recipe you already have an idea?

Not easy, when it set up its own production of food menu so that cleanliness and nutrients to the family variations as above we need for the kids it’s easy to get instant food that is not necessarily the location of the nutrients and adverse effects to the body.

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