Pizza Tempe

Easy Ways to Make Pizza Tempe Soy Delicious

Easy Ways to Make Pizza Tempe Soy Delicious

Pizza is a typical food of Italy. In general, use meat as the main ingredient of making pizza. Pizza is still the food is still limited to a burgeoning middle class because the price is expensive. For that we try to make pizza made from trivial is cheap but still nutritious. For other materials are also relatively easy to obtain.

What are the ingredients for making bread pizza or pizza dough?
a. 750 grams of wheat flour
b. 1 pack of instant yeast
c. 250 ml water
d. 1 tablespoon sugar
e. 1 tbsp vegetable oil
f. Salt to taste
g. Ingredients for the topping pizza soybean trivial was any?
h. 250 grams of trivial small sliced
i. 100 grams of mushroom
j. 100 grams of sliced sausage small
k. 1 bell pepper cut
l. 500 grams of tomato puree
m. 50 ml bottle of chili sauce
n. 1 onion
o. Oil to taste.

Pizza Tempe

Pizza Tempe

How to make a topping?

a. Add the oil and heat. Saute onion that emit a fragrant smell.
b. Enter the soybean trivial has been cut into pieces, sausage and peppers. Wait until the flavors mingle.
c. After that enter the same tomatoes, sauce bottles. Stir constantly so the price and cuisine to be half-baked.

How to make essentially:
a. Combine water and yeast and let stand for 15 minutes.
b. After quite enter the flour little by little while stirred so well blended.
c. Add the sugar and salt. Once well blended and the dough is not sticky hands, then allowed to stand for 15 minutes.
d. During silenced , the dough is covered with a wet cloth so that you can easily inflate . If we had to inflate deflate first . After it was developed again in the same way as the above .
e. butter oiled pizza pan until smooth.
f. Spoon the batter into the pan to cover the baking dish pizza.
g. Pour batter topping on top of it. Sprinkle with grated cheese.
h. Bake until cooked
i. Serve.

Pizza Tempe

Pizza Tempe

Pizza tempe soybean will be more enjoyable when served in warm conditions. And European food with a taste of Indonesia can at present to a loved one or your close relatives. Good luck.

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