Tempe Kedelai

Tempe Processed Soybeans Good For Health

Tempe Processed Soybeans Good For Health

In choosing the food that we consume, we have to consider a lot. Besides the price factor, the taste of food and not less important is health. Many foods are less supportive of health, especially when that consume a particular disease should avoid certain foods. For that  we need to know the type of food that is safe to eat and does not have negative effects when taken continuously. One food that is tempeh.


Why tempeh good for human health?

Tempe contains many substances that can support health, such as calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin source of isoflavones, protein, iron, copper, vitamin E, carbohydrates, zinc, folic acid, and antioxidants.

What are the benefits of substances contained in tempeh?

Benefits of substances contained in tempeh include improving fertility, prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent diarrhea, to prevent anemia or lack of red blood in the body, preventing premature aging, reduce heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure or hypertension, prevent obesity or obesity, prevent diabetes mellitus, gallstones and many other benefits of tempeh.

How to process tempeh so good for health?

In general, people cook tempeh into a processed form such as tempeh traditional cuisine that is using tempeh as the main ingredient and immediately processed into food, such as eggs – arik tempeh, botok tempeh , tempeh satay and others. For the second type is tempeh has a refined product tempeh where the shape is not as pure as it came like ice cream tempeh, tempeh burgers, sausages tempeh, tempeh flour. For only the third type of bioactive compounds contained in soybean are processed into health food supplements.

Tempe Kedelai

Tempe Kedelai

To support health is actually better if we get supplements that contain substances that are able to tempeh. Unfortunately , we can not make your own. For the second type if we can own and can be added with some ingredients like milk, soy, and can reduce the use of vegetable oil.

While traditional cuisine still contains a lot of oil, salt, sugar when taken continuously is not good for health. So in order to process it can be combined with other materials that are also safe for health. To maintain the health of even existing heart disease and cancer sufferers who consume in the form of raw or steamed.

Food processing is very important because when cooked like that’s it or monotonous likely to lead to boredom when the substances contained in it is very good for humans, from infants to the elderly. For babies should be added to food in the form of flour tempeh did not alter the taste of food.

Are there any side effects of consuming tempeh constantly?

To date, there has been no research to prove that consuming tempeh continuous basis may result in adverse effects on health. Many researchers foreign countries like UK, USA, Germany and Japan are conducting research on nutrition, the manufacturing process and health giving properties. Their research even more convincing that tempeh is a food that has a good prospect and healthy.

Tempeh also includes foods that are easily digested by the body. So as to restore the energy needed by the body after strenuous activity.  we would recommend the use of tempeh in everyday life which can vary in some delicious and healthy menu.

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