Tempe Bacem

4 Recipes Made Tempe Before You Go

4 Recipes Made Tempe Before You Go

Indonesia is a country rich in culinary. Many processed foods that come from different regions in Indonesia with a variety of processed products. Simple foods are generally only consumed a potluck. Now the food is delicious without losing its original flavor.

Tempe is a simple food that comes from Indonesia. Many people inside and outside the country fan. Tempe indeed delicious taste is rich in protein that is useful for our body. Many vegetarians and many people opt for diet tempe

Tempe initially only simple food, now the food is processed in various recipes tasty and delicious. Many processed foods made from soybean. When living in rural communities tempe as the food must be in a celebration such as a wedding. Tempe can be processed into a companion or a mixture of vegetables, side dishes become even be a snack in our relaxing time. Tempe is very easy to mix with other food ingredients, including soybean meal fit for processed into a variety of processed food according to taste or desire

Here are some recipes made from tempeh you need to know

1.Fried tempe

Fried tempeh is one made from tempeh recipe is very simple. This food preparations require only minimal ingredientsh

  1. Tempe
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Garlic to taste
  4. Cooking oil

How to make

  1. Tempe has been prepared in accordance with the tastes cut (using plastic packaging tempe)
  2. Can add the chilli in the marinade and puree if you like the spicy flavor
  3. Salt and garlic mashed
  4. Give a little water
  5. Tempe dipped in the seasoning
  6. Fry until cooked and golden brown
  7. Tempe chips / Tempe Crispy

Tempe Goreng

2. Tempe chips
tempe chips are foods made tempe. The food is made by tempe covered with rice flour and then fried to be processed tempe produced will be textured crispy that can be called tempe chips
The ingredients had enough :
a. Tempe
b. Salt
c. Onion
d. Candlenut
e. Rice flour
f. Cooking oil
How to make
a. Cut-cut thin tempe
b. Blend seasoning such as salt, onion and hazelnut
c. Give enough water, then dipped in seasoning tempe
d. then spice tempeh, dip into a sprinkling of rice flour
e. after fried tempeh to dry or crispy
f. If you want a variety of flavors, can be added seasoning balado, were sown when ripe tempe and drained

Tempe Goreng Tepung

3. Meatball Tempe
Meatball Tempe are processed foods that varied with eggs. These foods are easy to make at home, the materials needed are also not much
The ingredients are
a. Tempe
b. Pepper
c. Garlic
d. Red onion
e. Salt
f. Egg
g. Cooking oil
How to make
a. Red onion thinly sliced then fried until brown color
b. Garlic, pepper and salt mashed
c. Tempe is cut and then pulverized into powder
d. Tempe that has been pulverized into powder flavored been made earlier along with fried onions according to taste
e. Then mix the egg into the dough tempe until well blended then rounded with the size according to taste
f. Before fried dough that has been rounded earlier dip into the egg white part , then fried until cooked


4. Tempe Bacem
The food is also classified as foods that are easy to build.
Ingredients to make:
a. Tempe
b. Salt to taste
c. Garlic
d. Red onion
e. Coriander
f. Bay leaf
g. Palm sugar
h. Water

How to make
a. Puree garlic, onion, coriander and salt
b. Boil water until boiling, then pour the seasoning into the water that has been boiled earlier
c. Because tempeh bacem that stands out is its sweetness, then add the sugar to the cooking water with a size more in order to flavor tempeh bacem accordance with usual sense
d. After boiling tempe pour the boiled water into the boiling water that has been mixed with herbs before, let stand until the water is low, until the spices blend into tempe
e. Once cooked tempe, wait until cool then fry until lightly browned
f. Tempe bacem ready to be served

Tempe Bacem

Tempe Bacem

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