Various preparations Tempe Forgotten

Various preparations Tempe Forgotten

In Indonesia there are diverse types of tempeh with different materials, there is soy tempeh, tempeh surly, lamtoro tempeh, tempeh tube, and tempeh gembus. Each tempeh has the characteristic of each. Tempe does have a distinctive taste every kind of tempeh so many people who loved

Tempe is authentic Indonesian food is generally the type of tempeh is often found around us is soy tempeh. Many producers who choose tempeh soybean tempeh as production. Although soybean tempeh most hunted but other types of tempeh in Indonesia is also no less demand than the soybean tempeh

Tempe surly is derived from Kulon Progo Yogyakarta made of koro surly. Tempe has a high carbohydrate content. And has a low fat content. Koro tempeh size surly more exaggerated than usual soybean tempeh wrapped in banana leaves

Tempeh lamtoro one of tempeh derived from the seeds lamtoro. Lamtoro seed is a kind of china petay beans but larger size and the texture is coarse. Tempeh lamtoro has a protein content similar to soy tempeh. Lamtoro their tempeh is an idea of a student UNY

Tempeh soybean similar tube material is principally soy. The process of making tempeh  soybean almost the same as usual, except only in place to wrap it up. Soybean tempeh that we usually find is tempeh soybean wrapped in banana leaves or plastic. but tempeh placed in a tube made with bamboo that has been cut about 70 cm which is divided into two parts and tied with a rope and soybeans that have been fermented with yeast is then inserted bamboo. And the size of tempeh obviously larger than soy tempeh

Tempe paperboard made from tofu. Normally tempeh gembus enjoyed in ways that cut into thin and covered with flour and fried to a crisp

The diversity of types of tempeh is making preparations based tempeh be a lot of variety and type. But various processed tempeh into food historical communities now already forgotten, as the development of a variety of processed tempeh original era Indonesia now already marginalized by modern cuisine that many in the market.

Here are 7 Various preparations Tempe Forgotten

  1. Serundeng Tempeh

Serundeng tempeh is from processed foods is the main ingredient is grated coconut and tempeh. how to cook this food is cooking stir di oseng as usual.


  1. Sambal Tempeh Ulek

For connoisseurs sambal. tempeh chili grind certainly is not foreign to his ears. but this kind of sauce is rarely the menu at the diner. Chili grind is the kind of sauce that is easy to make. only require spices such as chili, garlic and onion are fried and pulverized with the addition of salt. Then tempeh fried mixed and pulverized in the seasoning

3. Grilled tempeh chili sauce made by burning.

Grilled tempeh chili sauce made by burning.Garlic, onion and tempehchili burnt, after the fragrance is removed. Thirdly the seasonings and mix until smooth pulverized tempeh into herbs and grind until smooth


      4.  condiment made from a mixture of fried bananas and fried tempeh. How to make it the same as tempeh chili grind, whereas this sambal petay only coupled with fries

     5. Tempe Satay

These types of processed tempeh inspired from the satay that we usually encounter. Tempe diced and cooked with spices such as garlic, onion, chili, sugar, and flavorings. Cook it in a way dioseng. Once cooked and cold. Tempe laid out in a puncture satay . Each puncture in the content as much as 5 pieces of fruit temp


     6. Tempeh bacem

Tempeh bacem indeed one that has been processed tempeh we rarely see. Perhaps in places like in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta we can feel the back cooking tempehIndeed one that has been processed tempeh we rarely see. Perhaps in places like in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta we can feel the back cooking tempeh bacem. These foods tend to have a sweet taste. Tempeh bacem match eaten with misbegotten in the atmosphere is cold in the mountains


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