Ragi Tempe Raprima

Selling Yeast Tempe Brands Raprima

Selling Yeast Tempe Brands Raprima


Ragi Tempe Brands Raprima is tempe yeast products originating from Bandung, West Java. Quality yeast tempeh with raprima brands had been tested since the first. Tempe yeast product from Bandung is indeed the most widely used by makers / manufacturers tempeh. For those of you who want to make tempeh yeast hygienic and preservative-free brand Raprima can to make tempeh in small -scale and industrial.

Jual Ragi Tempe Raprima (11)

Ragi Tempe Raprima

Where Ragi Tempe Raprima distributor?

To get a Yeast Tempe Raprima prospective buyers sometimes have difficulty finding distributors , but with the development of internet technology you can get Ragi Tempe Raprima online at our place.

Why did you choose to use Ragi Tempe Raprima?

Produce tempeh tasty, white and thick fur, black spores do not get out and can be stored longer.

Good quality and stable to make tempeh large scale, small scale and the scale of the needs of families.

Tempe yeast in the form of a fine powder that easily weighed and drinks.

Ragi Tempe Raprima

Ragi Tempe Raprima

Bagamaiman dosing guidelines for the use Ragi Tempe Raprima?

The following dose selection you can choose:

2 grams Yeast Tempe Raprima / 1kg Soy

1 Tea Spoon Ragi Tempe Raprima / 2.5 kg Soybean

1 Spoon Dinner Ragi Tempe Raprima / 10 kg Soybean

How in the way of storage Ragi Tempe Raprima?

For storage Raprima Ragi Tempe is actually quite easy , you just put it in a clean and dry. Make sure no water or temperatures that are too hot when storing them.

Yeast Tempe Raprima for halal products has been proven by the release of the Indonesian Ulema Council LPPOM: 01311082190113 besides Ragi Tempe Raprima also certified with BPOM with BPOM RI MD 256 928 001 051 number.

Yeast is a trademark registered with DEPKEH.RI.NO.306712 Raprima Tempe. Of the many legalities in Yeast get Raprima Tempe yeast reflect the quality of this product.


Please contact us anytime for to get Yeast Raprima Tempe. Please contact us, Anytime:

SMS / CALL: 0822 2123 5378

Ngebel, Kedungumpul, Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java

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