Tempe Bacem

Make Tempe Tempe Bacem Using Bumbung

Make Tempeh Bacem Using Bumbung

Traditional Indonesian food is now beginning rarely encountered. Many food manufacturers are now starting to switch to producing modern food growing rapidly in Indonesia. As time many people who prefer to make food faster process. It is true that traditional cuisine cooking process longer. However, when compared with the modern cuisine of traditional dishes more natural and does not cause side effects that excess.

Bacem Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food that comes from the island of Java . The dishes tend to taste sweet. If there is a big celebration are still many rural communities serving bacem tempeh as the food.

Indonesia is a country that has a culinary destination which is quite a lot. One of them is the city of Yogyakarta. If we traveled to Kaliurang Yogyakarta sure we will see a lot of sellers tempeh bacem. tempeh bacem very suitable for us to eat with a misbegotten and place of mountains and cool

Tempe Bacem

Tempe Bacem

Make tempeh bacem using ordinary tempeh certainly is not foreign anymore, already familiar to us. But make tempeh bumbung clear bacem using unusual Tempe tube coming from Temanggung, Central Java. The method of making tempeh waveguide using a bamboo actually been around since the days of our ancestors first and itself has started from 1960 which begins by generations of our grandmother. It was unfamiliar tempeh our ears, but for the community Temanggung tube tempeh is already quite popular. Tempe tube has a larger size than the tempeh usual.

Here’s how to make tempeh  bacem using tube

  • The materials need to be prepared
  1. Tempe Bumbung cut into 10 cm
  2. Salt ½ sm
  3. Brown Sugar and Sugar
  4. galangal 2 seeds (geprek)
  5. Coriander ½ sm
  6. Leaves Salam 3 pieces
  7. Garlic 2 seeds
  8. Onion 6 seeds
  9. Sweet Soy sauce to taste
  10. The flavor flavoring (if desired)
  11. Enough water
Tempe Bacem

Tempe Bacem

  • How to make
  1. Cut the tempeh to taste
  2. Onion, Garlic, Coriander and pulverized salt until smooth
  3. Boil water to a boil and then enter the spice-spice paste, bay leaves, and galangal simultaneously
  4. Once the water begins to decline to fill granulated sugar ½ sm , brown sugar about half sphere and flavorings if desired. Wait until the brown sugar melts into water that is flavored earlier
  5. Enter the tempeh and cover until soft and slightly dry until the water is low
  6. Once cooked remove and wait for it to cool
  7. Fry until the color changes to dark brown
  8. Tempeh bacem ready to be served
Tempe bacem with basic materials Bumbung tempe could be a new recipe to try at home


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