Canned soybean tempeh are now increasingly global

                     Canned soybean tempeh are now increasingly global

Technological developments seem to have an impact on the distribution of goods from outside the system into domestic and vice versa. The technology brings several positive impact ever expanding market share. As was the case in the food. Currently, many canned food products through a transcontinental trip and can survive for many years that are safe for consumption and thus benefit entrepreneurs canned food ready to expand its business to the outside of the continent.


Is Indonesian food can be marketed abroad?

Indonesia has a variety of typical foods that compete with food from abroad. Examples are Rendang Padang Satay, Fried Rice, Fish Crackers, Soybean Tempe. Indeed, not all food can be in the form of canned fried rice and satay are usually presented in a ready position at the location of purchase. For Rendang exist in the form of ready-to-eat, there is a form of canned food ready to cook. Which now has penetrated even to Europe, America and even Africa.

Anything that causes people from abroad like soybean tempeh that most people still looked at with the eyes?

If in Indonesia, tempeh is a food that is cheap and can be obtained in an easy way. the most people who consume are from the middle to the bottom. For that tempeh so it looks less classy than the seafood or other meats. Though seafood and all kinds of meat have an impact not good for your health than when we consume tempeh.

The question now is precisely why foreign people actually glanced tempeh as foods rich in vitamins, nourish the body and is safe when consumed in the long term? Apparently after research conducted from home and abroad have found that soy tempeh is a food that is good for the body than processed meat or from the sea.

Soybean tempeh has a content such as protein, fat, energy, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Water, Energy. The content is quite complete, and many benefits that that brings awareness to the community that the properties of tempeh is not as simple appearance and is now included in the ranks of health food (health food) abroad.


How to keep soybean tempeh can be enjoyed by people from abroad?

If in the country a lot of soybean tempeh production centers that we can meet, it will be different when we are abroad. One of the countries that still maintain the tradition of making soy tempeh besides Indonesia was Malaysia and Suriname, which most people are descendants of Indonesia. Indeed , Japan and the United States also began to develop the production of soy tempeh but Indonesia is superior in the womb B12. This is because of differences in natural soy soaking , will produce vitamin B12 are higher than simply adding lactic acid.

Now there are companies that produce soybean tempeh in the form of cans that are ready to be cooked and marketed abroad. This is to meet the increasing demand for soy tempeh as public awareness to live a healthy lifestyle.

For processing into food ready to eat, just open the can and can process into various types of creative menu. Indeed, we must look for innovation in soybean tempeh cooking to avoid monotony that every day we can eat it with flavors different. As the ice cream menu tempeh, tempeh pizza and much more. So no wonder if the little guy loved it.

By developing in terms of packaging and practicality in cooking it will increase soybean farmers’ income, soybean tempeh producers or directly related to the business. With creative ideas of our health and diet will be maintained properly.

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