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buy tempeh in London

Soybean Seeds

Indonesia is the biggest tempeh producer in the world which makes it as the biggest soybeans market in Asia. Tempeh has a unique flavor and aroma, and a firm nutty texture. It looks like in the form of cake, with grayish white color and unique smell.  The important ingredient for making tempeh is tempeh starter or ragi tempeh. Sometimes, it is called yeast tempeh. It is used for fermentation process of making tempeh and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. Then what do you think about tempeh starter?

Would you know about tempeh starter?

Tempeh starter or the yeast tempeh starter is dried mixture of fungus rhizopus such as Rhizopus Oligosporus and Rhizopus oryzae with a substrate which can be soybeans or rice. It is used to ferment the soybean so the mold can grow to bid the soybean and create the tempeh. The mold is not dangerous and it is not a bacterial form. In the contrary, this mold is a beneficial fungus so it can be consumed. Our raprima tempeh starter is completely regulated and tested. So it is safe to use for making tempeh.

For your information, Tempeh is an organic food from Indonesia originally from Java island.  Nowadays, tempeh has been spread to all over the world and popular among the vegetarian. Because it is made from fermented the soybean so it is gluten-free and can be used to substitute the meat. Tempeh is good for health because it contains lots of benefit for the human body.

How to make your own tempeh?

Actually, making your own tempeh is so easy that you can make it at home. The ingredient for making tempeh is only soybean and tempeh starter or ragi tempeh. Then, the types of equipment are basin, filter, fan, pan, wrapping can be banana leaf or plastic. Here is the step by step making tempeh. Let’s check this out.

  1.  Preparing the soybean, choose the best quality of soybean for good result. The high quality of soybean can be seen from the color. The yellow color is the best quality of soybean. Then, wash the soybean until it until clean. It is very important because the dirt soybean will impact the taste of tempeh.
  2.  The next step is boiled the soybean for 1 hours until the soybean is cooked. Then don’t waste the water just let the soybean cool on the water. Soak the soybean one night and wash the soybean again until the skin is clean. This process aims the soybean skin quickly peeled off.
  3. After the soybean is clean, then boiled again. The boiling process can take 30-90 minutes depending on the amount of the soybean.
  4. The next step, filter the soybean then cooling it with a fan.  Make sure the soybean is cool and does not contain water you can put the tempeh starter on it.
  5. The last step is spread the tempeh starter or ragi tempeh on the soybean. Mix them well. Afterward, pack the soybean use the plastic, banana leaf, thick wood, bamboo, or something that can be used as fermentation media. For the plastic, the surface must be stabbed for the air circulation.So it makes easier for fermentation of soybean.
  6. Wait until the fermentation is complete and you can make your food creation with tempeh. It’s easy to follow.

For your information, to get perfect result of tempeh, you must consider the temperature because the fermentation process needs warm temperature.  So, in the fermentation process places the soybean in the warm place. Because if the temperature is too cold or too hot the fermentation will be failed. Or it will harm to consume because of the bacteria. So, make sure that the temperature is normal. The mold  Rhizopus Oligosporus can grow at a temperature of 30-35 ℃ with a minimum temperature of 12 ℃ and a maximum temperature of 42℃. It is the best temperature for the soybean fermented.

organic tempeh starter

Tempeh Starter

Besides, the quality of the tempeh starter is necessary. Because the tempeh starter will impact on the taste of the tempeh. Raprima brand is one of the best quality tempeh starters for making delicious tempeh. Our tempeh starter has been sent to several countries also several provinces In Indonesia.  We are trusted seller of prima tempeh starter and we provide good quality of tempeh starter.


What is the benefit of our raprima tempeh starter?

Actually, Tempeh yeast or Tempeh starter of Raprima has a lot of benefits such as:

  1. Making tempeh with raprima starter produces tasty and durable tempeh.
  2. The price of raprima tempeh starter is quite affordable.
  3. It can be used in the manufacture of tempeh both in small and large scale.

Raprima tempeh starter is packaged in the powder form. The powder form makes easier to know the measurement for making tempeh. Also, on the back side of the packaging of raprima tempeh starter, there is a measurement or rules of the usage of tempeh starter.

Recently, there are many foreigners who love tempeh. But tempeh is quite expensive or sometimes it is hard to find in some countries. So, they decided to make their own tempeh. Also, it is quite hard to find the tempeh starter outside Indonesia. We are we provide tempeh starter and we will send our tempeh starter to your country.  We already sent our tempeh starter to several countries such as Tempeh starter in Germany, Tempeh starter in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tempeh starter for Mr. Marek karabčĺk in Slovakia and so on. Few days ago, we sent our tempeh starter to Malaysia. It was our customer,  Mrs.Wong Yoke Moy from  Malaysia. She wanted to buy tempeh in Malaysia to make her own tempeh. But she did not know where to buy tempeh in Malaysia because it is hard to find the tempeh starter Malaysia or ragi tempeh Malaysia. Then, she contacted us through WhatsApp to order tempeh starter.

Unfortunately, she did not have a PayPal account to pay. Then, she asked us whether it was possible to transfer from the bank account or another option. Then, we asked her to transfer use western union as the solution. Also, she asked us where to find western union and the step to pay use western union. After we explained the step, on the next day she texted us and she had been pay through the western union. She was the first customer who purchased via western union and we were so glad can solve the solution. After payment, we will follow up and sent it through Post Indonesia. The estimation of the arrival of the packages tempeh starter Malaysia around 6-10 days.

tempeh starter malaysia

tempeh starter malaysia

For the payment, besides using PayPal account you can also use the Western Union.  The western union is reliable because it can be found easily in every country district. So, if don’t have the PayPal account and want to buy our tempeh starter you can use Western Union.

The Western Union is an American financial service and communications company. It is one of the most well-known domestic and international money delivery services. The Western Union is a service that allows you to send money to the recipient through a system that has been ordered based on digital. Also, you can send money via the Western Union by attaching an ID and it does not require the bank account.

Sending money personally using the Western Union is easy. Choose the service that is best for you and follow the simple steps below to find out the easiest step sending money to various destinations.

  1. The first step is search for an agent location near you. You can check it through the web.
  2.  After finding the nearest agent next to you, then go to the near agent and Complete the Send Money form.
  3. Give the agent the complete form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee) in cash.
  4. The last, save your receipt and tracking number (MTCN).
  5.  Sent us the picture of the tracking number (MTCN) as the proof payment.

So, if you want to purchase our raprima tempeh starter now you can use western union and PayPal. And we will follow up as fast possible to sent our raprima tempeh.  We are is proven seller of raprima. Raprima tempeh yeast has been registered by DEP.KEH.RI.NO.306712 from the Departement of health Indonesia.  Also, our tempeh starter has been registered on Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control with BPOM RI MD 256928001051. Our tempeh starter is halal. It has a certificate from MUI of ‘halal’ label. You can check it on the packages. Our tempeh starter is halal and safety so don’t worry to order.

If you are interested in making homemade tempeh by yourself, you can buy Raprima tempeh starter at our website. We can sell to all over Indonesia and even throughout the world. Besides, if you want to know more about tempeh such as tempeh recipes, how to cook tempeh, and so forth, we are here to help you.

Please, feel free to contact us every time at:


+62 857 4849 1242



Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

To facilitate you in purchasing, the payment can be transferred to PayPal and Western Union.


Where To Buy Tempeh In London?

The Existence Of Tempeh In London

What is tempeh?

It is no doubt how many tempeh lovers, tempeh fans, and tempeh consumers in the world. It’s countless! Tempeh has been eaten and produced in Indonesia for centuries, and now it has been increasing rapidly throughout the world. This kind of food is highly appreciated due to its great taste and texture. Besides, it is also beneficial for health. It has amazing healthful properties since it contains very great protein with zero cholesterol. The other benefits of tempeh are so much. You will not realize how healthy it is till you taste it by yourself.

buy tempeh in London

Soybean Seeds

Tempeh is made from soybean seeds which is fermented with the help of Rhizopus Oligosporus mold (starter). It forms a firm ‘patty’ that has a subtle and also slightly nutty taste, making the consumers feel hooked to eat it. This kind of food which used to be known as ‘cheap food’ now has been transformed into sumptuous and favored in the world. Even, in other country like Japan, Holland, and Germany, tempeh is known as classy cuisines and sold so expensive there.

Tempeh in Indonesia

Tempeh is very popular on the island of Java, Indonesia. Javanese people often produce tempeh in a traditional way using Hibiscus Tiliaceus leaves or ‘daun waru’. It is usually called ‘tempe gódhóng’. The undersides of those leaves are covered in downy hairs in which the mold of Rhizopus Oligosporus will be found to ferment soybeans. Nevertheless, the modern way of tempeh-making process can also be found in some big tempeh manufacturers. They usually use ‘instant starter’ to be spread in the soybeans, then wrap it in plastics. This is, then, known as ‘tempe murni’.

buy tempeh in london

Tempeh wrapped with Hibiscus Tiliaceus leaves

buy tempeh in london

Tempeh wrapped with plastic

Besides popular as tempeh manufacturers,Indonesia is also popular with its tempeh types. There are many types of tempeh can be found. Here are some of them in Indonesian name

– tempe goreng : deep-friend tempeh

– tempe bacem : boiled with spices and palm sugar, then fried for a minutes. The taste will be damp, spicy, sweet, with dark-colored
– tempe kering : raw tempeh cut into little sticks, deep fried, and then mixed with spices and sugar, sometimes also mixed with separately fried peanuts.
– tempe mendoan : thinly sliced tempeh, battered and deep fried quickly.
– tempe gembus : made from okara

– tempe oncom : made from peanut press cake, the color is orange, with Neurospora Sitophila inside

– tempe bongkrek : the almost rotten tempeh used in small amounts as a flavoring

Tempeh in London

Where to buy tempeh in London

The consumption of tempeh recently has been increasing rapidly, not only in Indonesia but also overseas, especially in London. Here is a little story of an owner of tempeh restaurant London, warung tempeh in London. Before this man build his tempeh business in London, he had lived in Indonesia for about 10 years and spent several months studying tempeh production both techniques and processes. This journey took him across the island from east to west, beginning in Malang and finishing in Jakarta.

The first time he tasted tempeh, he felt in love with this unique food. Then, he decided to learn how to make tempeh there so that when he returned to his country, he could make tempeh himself. For the first time, he made tempeh to himself. But gradually, he finally build a business that served tempeh as the main menu. His business now is growing so well. He named his business “warung tempeh london”. The name of ‘Warung Tempeh’ is obtained from where he first tried tempeh, in a warung located in an Indonesian street-side stall. So, he thinks that this is also appropriate to be used for his authentic Indonesian tempeh tot he lively street markets in London.

He decided to set up Warung Tempeh to introduce the delights of the this amazing food to a wider consumers, and are delighted to be doing so from the street food stall on Leather Lane Market in central London. Every day, he and of course with his employees serve the tasty homemade tempeh in freshly and delicious cooked dishes. His tempeh is organic and made with traditional method which is using only Rhizopus Oligosporus, a starter culture usually used by Indonesian tempeh-manufacturers, that will give tempeh its amazing nutritional value.

He told that there are so many customer want to consume this health food because they realize that this is a kind of health food. Now, his business has succeed and he really enjoys his job.

From the short story above, we can conclude that tempeh is favored not only by Indonesian people, but also English citizens, even other countries. There are many tempeh restaurant london can be found with different menus. People is quite easy to find this food. Even, many supermarket transforms to tempeh supermarket.

Tempeh starter role

Tempeh starter

It has no doubt that in the tempeh manufacture, ragi tempeh or tempeh starter is needed. Without good-quality tempeh starter, soybeans will not be fermented well into tempeh. Starter is a kind of beneficial fermentation substance containing microorganism to ferment and breeding media for the microorganism itself. Tempeh starter is used to ferment soybeans become tempeh. In some explanation above, it is often mentioned ‘Rhizopus Oligosporus’ terms. And that’s totally true because the starter culture is Rhizopus Oligosporus. This is a kind of filamentous form fungi, and this is not a bacterial form. In the contrary, this mould is a beneficial fungus.

In Indonesia, tempeh starter indonesia is usually packed traditionally using banana leaves. Sometimes, people also use banana leaves combined with paper. This is why Indonesia’s tempeh is usually wrapped traditionally using leaves. The traditional way of making tempeh starter is usually done by those who prefer to make their own tempeh in middle to low scale. Using plastic is also possible, but the taste will not as delicious as using banana leaves. Even so, the instant tempeh starter culture rhizopus oligosporus is normally used in the manufacturing tempeh indonesia, especially in a big manufacturer.

We as a tempeh starter seller

Tempe Bumbung

For Indonesian people, is it very easy to find tempeh in most supermarkets. But in foreign country, finding tempeh supermarket can be quite difficult. There are many people who live overseas want to eat tempeh but they don’t know where to buy it. Finally, many of them try to make tempeh homemade. But, new problem arises. They don’t know where to find tempeh starter. If any, it can be expensive.

We are tempebumbung, an online seller of tempeh starter. We sell tempeh starter with the brand of Raprima which is very well-known for its quality to produce good-quality tempeh. If you want to establish a business like the story of warung tempeh london, you can order our tempeh starter with us. We are here to serve you.

Tempeh is definitely one food with high protein which is cheap and easily to get. If you feel doubt of buying tempeh sold in the market or tempeh amazon, you can make it by yourself so that you will exactly know its process and its hygiene. If you need more information about Raprima tempeh starter, please feel free to contact us anytime you need. We provide Raprima tempeh starter from retail purchase of small party or in bulk, even wholesale.

For more information, you can visit our website at Besides, will be very happy to share any information to you related to our product. We are ready to send Raprima tempeh starter to everywhere, including London!

Please contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242



Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581


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Raprima Tempeh Starter

Serving Wholesale Tempeh Starter To Overseas In Order To Fulfill People’s Need Of Tempeh

Serving Wholesale Tempeh Starter To Overseas In Order To Fulfill People’s Need Of Tempeh

What is tempeh?

Soybean Tempeh-Serving Wholesale Tempeh Starter To Overseas In Order To Fulfill People’s Need Of Tempeh

Tempeh nowadays is not only enjoyed and favored by Asian people, especially Indonesian but almost everyone in the world. It makes tempeh popular and become a ‘must’ menu to be served.

The existence of tempeh, which is also know for its function of ‘meat substitute’ has definitely helped many people with their health problem such as cholesterol, obesity, lack of fiber, etc, due to its very high nutrition value.

This, then becomes a reason why tempeh many people in the world fall in love with this kind of food.

Those who fall in love with tempeh must have questions like where can I buy tempeh online? in their mind, hoping that they can get tempeh without getting out to find it. They will sometimes ask where to buy tempeh near me? or who sell tempeh? so that they can get their lovely tempeh without having to make it themselves.

What is tempeh starter?

Ragi Tempeh-Serving Wholesale Tempeh Starter To Overseas In Order To Fulfill People’s Need Of Tempeh

In the tempeh-making process, tempeh starter is always needed to ferment soybean seeds to be tempeh because it contains Rhizopus Oligosporus which has big role in the fermentation process. Tempeh starter can be found in some supermarkets, market, or grocery (depend on the area itself). In Indonesia, it is very easy to find tempeh starter because Indonesia is the biggest producer of tempeh. How about other country?

If you live in the country or area where tempeh starter is difficult to find, it means that tempeh is also difficult to find. Then, a question who sells tempeh will arise. This, then becomes a problem for those who want to eat tempeh but don’t know where to find it. However, this will become an opportunity for those who see this as a good business. In other words, they try to provide what people want, tempeh.

Who sells tempeh?

In some countries, tempeh is produced in bulk to fulfill people’s need in consuming tempeh. Automatically, besides soybeans, they also need tempeh starter in bulk or tempeh starter whole foods.

We, as a tempeh starter online seller see this as an opportunity to introduce our tempeh starter Indonesia, Raprima Tempeh Starter to other countries. Therefore, we have participated in fulfilling other people’s need of tempeh, not only Indonesian people, but also people in the world.

No matter whether you are big manufacturer (or starting to build big manufacturer) of tempeh or not, we serve tempe starter overseas. We sell tempeh starter whole foods or retail. We serve either those who want to produce tempeh in whole foods or who want to consume it by themselves. .

Raprima Tempeh Starter

Raprima Tempeh Starter-Serving Wholesale Tempeh Starter To Overseas In Order To Fulfill People’s Need Of Tempeh

So far, our Raprima Tempeh Starter is proven, tested, and guaranteed. It can produce tempeh with good quality. If you are interested to buy our starter, you can contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242



Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581


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Tempeh Starter Amazon vs Tempebumbung

Tempeh Starter Amazon = Easy Way To Find Tempeh Starter


Tempebumbung = Easy Way To Get Tempeh Starter!

Find difficulty to find tempeh starter or ragi tempeh seller in your country? Or it may be easy to find tempeh starter but the price is so expensive? Or easy to find tempeh starter with affordable price but doesn’t produce good-quality tempeh?

Don’t worry! Now your problem will be solved here. We will provide the answer of your problem. All right, here we go!

How much important is tempeh starter?

Soybeans cannot be fermented into a kind of food called ‘tempeh’ if there is no ingredient used to ferment. And of course, this is where starter has role play. Tempeh starter contains a diverse group of microorganisms including molds, yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and also different gram-negative bacteria. In this case, Rhizopus Oligosporus is the dominant tempeh molds in the tempeh fermentation. This is why tempeh starter or usually known as ragi tempeh can be said as the second important ingredient for making tempeh after the first one, soybeans.  Tempeh starter Indonesia is relatively easy to find in Indonesia, as we know that tempeh is a traditional food from Indonesia. It means that finding tempeh starter in this country is not difficult.  

How about in other countries? Yes, it is true that tempeh starter is quiet difficult to find in some countries, tempeh starter india for example. If any, there might be so expensive. You might be easy to find tempeh starter in your area with affordable price, but how about the result? The quality of tempeh produced can be not very good. If these happen to you, we give you the first problem solving: you can try to make your own tempeh starter. Just discover how to make your own tempeh starter in our website.

In appropriate with its name, Tempeh starter which is also well-known as tempeh starter culture rhizopus oligosporus contains molds of Rhizopus sp which plays a vital role for fermenting soybean to be tempeh. Without this kind of mold, your soybean seeds will not transform into tempeh. This is why, tempeh starter/ragi tempeh is very needed in the tempeh-making process.

So, what kind of tempeh starter which can produce good-quality tempeh?

The answer is Raprima Tempeh Starter.

tempeh starter amazon

Raprima Tempeh Starter-Tempeh Starter Amazon = Easy Way To Find Tempeh Starter While tempebumbung = Easy Way To Get Tempeh Starter!

This is a famous Indonesian brand of starter which is usually called “Ragi tempeh”. Raprima tempeh starter contains Rhizopus Oligosprus based tempeh starter in high quantities, produced in controlled, which is used to grow spores fungus in making tempeh. It is very practical, in the form of fine powder which is easily weighed and dosed. This kind of tempeh starter also has good quality and stable for either large or small scale soybean production. It can produces delicious tempeh with thick white fur, no black spores, can be stored longer. Besides, it is free of pathogenic bacteria and doesn’t contain MSG or preservatives. Raprima Tempeh Starter is best choice for you to make your own tempeh!

Next question, where to buy tempeh starter?

This is the second problem solving we give to you. Tempeh starter can actually be made by yourself, but in the traditional way. For instance in Indonesia, there are a lot of people in certain area make tempeh starter themselves because it is easy to find banana leaves, waru leaves, or teak leaves there (the materials to make ragi tempeh/tempeh starter). Nevertheless, we know that not every country has such materials to make tempeh starter like in Indonesia. Therefore, they will choose to get tempeh starter from online seller. If you think that that way is easier than making it yourself, we will inform you where to buy tempeh starter below. You have 2 choices:

1. Amazon = easy way to find tempeh starter

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping websites in the world which is widely known for its wide selection of books, even though the site has expanded to sell various kind of goods or services such as electronics, furniture, music, apparel, etc. If you want to purchase or sell items there, you should use Amazon’s online marketplace system.

It is very possible for you to find tempeh starter easily through this site. Even, this site can provide more than one kind of tempeh starter with different price, so you can choose which is best for you. It is usually placed in the “Grocery & Gourmet Food” → “Food & Beverage Gifts”.

It’s true that Amazon can be an easy way to get tempeh starter. If you already use Amazon, we absolutely believe that you already know the mechanisms or procedures of it.

tempeh starter amazon

Tempeh Starter Amazon

2. Tempebumbung = the easy way to get tempeh starter

Amazon is definitely an easy way to find tempeh starter, but we provide you easy way to get tempeh starter with tempebumbung.

If you want to get tempeh starter easily, we are here to serve you. We are tempebumbung, we sell tempeh starter/ragi tempeh with the brand of Raprima. Raprima tempeh starter is believed as one of best tempeh starter used by Indonesian tempeh manufacturers. Why is it so easy to get tempeh starter from us?

The best tempeh starter  must contain rhizopus oligosporus,buy our Raprima tempeh starter for making your own tempeh more delicious. Because we are trusted  re-seller  or Raprima tempeh starter.  Our product contain the high quality of fungus that makes soybeans fermentation perfect.

You can order tempeh starter of Raprima Brand, no matter who you are, where you come from, and where you live. We have experienced to send ragi tempeh Raprima brand to all over regions in Indonesia, even throughout the world. We provide tempeh starter whole foods and also give the ease of ordering tempeh starter. You can call, send text, WA to our numbers or send message via email. We use EMS service of Pos Indonesia, the best service to deliver tempeh starter which takes several days only to deliver the packet. So, don’t hesitate to order tempeh starter with us! You can get tempeh starter easily on us. We sell Raprima tempeh starter online through our website at

Here is how to order:

  1. The customer determines the amount of starter to be ordered

  2. The customer sends the complete address

  3. The customer gets total price from us

  4. The customer transfers to our PayPal Account (

  5. Tempeh starter will be proceed soon from the first day of the transfer.

    Note: your phone numbers are needed to complete the shipping form from the cargo

Have decided where to buy tempeh starter? Yes! I want to order tempeh starter in your store, tempebumbung. How can I contact you?

tempeh starter amazon

Tempeh Starter tempebumbung

Don’t worry. Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. If you are only want to find information, or ask for a help, or share something, we will also serve you with pleasure. Some of our customers who are from other countries usually send messages to us via email to ask something such as the way to make tempeh, the price of our tempeh, the shipping cost, the benefits of our tempeh starter, our business, etc.

We provide the ease of access to contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242



Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

We sell Raprima Tempeh Starter to all over regions of Indonesia and also throughout the world. To make your purchasing easier, the payment can be transferred to PayPal.

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What Is Tempeh Starter? – Making Delicious Food From Your Homemade Tempeh

what is tempeh starter

What Is Tempeh ?

Tempeh is an  delicious food made from fermented  soybean. Perhaps you are more familiar with foods made from soybeans like soy sauce, tofu and soy milk. But  Tempeh in it is  home country use the as  side dish  in every menu. everyone eat tempeh everyday and tempeh are easy to find in Indonesia. Tempeh is  kind of food with an earthy flavor and a meaty, tender texture very similar to mushrooms and its can be use as a meat substitute. This is an healthy food with rich of protein, minerals, antioxidants and fiber from the soybean.Try tempeh in soups, stews, sandwiches, Asian dishes, Balado and stir-fry, or with noodles, rice, potatoes or hamburger-style on top of the bread as a meat substitute. lot of people not only the vegan and vegetarian like tempeh because It is often considered a healthier option. It is very good for dietary because it contains  of 31 grams of protein, which is easily absorbed by the body. So, Adding tempeh to your dietary menu can boost your weight-loss efforts. Just Try It !

Have you tried tempeh before? Tempe is popular food among vegan and vegetarian made from fermented soybean. It has been manufactured in Asia, particularly Indonesia. Tempeh is used for side dish since log time ago in Indonesian, especially Javanese. It has texture which can easily absorb the seasoning and has nutty flavor with a very firm texture. Tempeh contains  high  protein and calcium, as well as beneficial isoflavones. Tempeh, for common people, is also used as the meat substitute. This is best optional for healthy food since Tempeh is a delicious addition to any recipes or any menus. These days, it is very easy to find a wide array of tempeh flavors and types. such as plain, grilled or barbecued. tempeh also can be mix with sesame seeds and sea vegetables are added to the soybeans before fermentation for a variety of flavors and textures. You have to try tempeh then you will be addicted with the texture. Might it is not be easy to find tempeh in some grocery in some countries outside Indonesia.

How Is  Tempeh Made ?

It’s very easy and simple to make your own tempeh. The main ingredients are the soybean and ragi tempeh or Tempeh starter. Then what is tempeh starter? Tempeh is made by natural fermentation process with tempeh starter or powered tempeh starter or tempeh starter culture rhizopus oligosporus mold that bids the soybeans into a solid form like bread. The tempeh starter has important role on the process of fermentation which causes the white mold occurs in soybeans.

what is tempeh starter

What Is Tempeh Starter?soybean tempeh

Is there are any option on how to make tempeh without starter?  Usually, tempeh stater uses rhizopus oligosporus mold to bids the soybeans. But there is an option you can use: the ‘usar’ from Waru (Hibiscus Tiliaceus) or Teak leaves (Tectona Grandis) to wrapped the soybeans. You can use several kind of beans such as Black beans and yellow Chana (Chickpeas) for making tempeh. Then, where you can find tempeh? Tempeh can be found in anywhere, but not as easy as in Indonesia because tempeh is originally from Indonesia. If you live in a place where it is difficult enough to find tempeh, it is better for you to make your own tempeh because it will taste better, fresh and automatically save your money. It is really easy as you can try it at home. If you feel confused on How to make your own tempeh, we provide the easy steps to make your own tempeh. You can also find on the online shop like tempeh starter amazon or in our website  here. 

Does Tempeh Taste Good?

what is tempeh starter

tempeh taco the delicious recipe of mexican dishes for vegan and vegetrian

Tempeh is a traditional food of Javanese which becomes the source of protein and low fat. It is made from fermented soybeans and ragi tempeh. In some countries, tempeh is usually cooked into various cuisines. The solid texture created from the mold can absorb seasoning well. So, no matter what kind of flavor you want to add like sweet, salty, savory, etc, tempeh will taste good. If you are a vegan or vegetarian you can make your own menu based on tempeh. There are lots of delicious menu made from tempeh. In Japan, for example, tempeh is used as main ingredient for burger and other dishes. Teriyaki or soy sauce sometimes are also added into Japanese dish. In India, the menu from tempeh usually taste like curry. Another menu is Taco as the Mexican dish, the main ingredient is corn or wheat tortilla. Beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and cheese can also be added to this menu. Tempeh, recently has also been added to this menu. Fill a taco or tortilla shell with a mixture of cooked tempe and top your tacos off with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, a bit of cheese, salsa, sliced avocados, sour cream, or any other kind. It’s so delicious and tasty for dinner that vegan and vegetarian must try it.

Where to Find The Tempeh Stater ?

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what is tempeh starter



Have you ever visited Indonesia ? Yes, a country located in Southeast Asia region is really very rich in its natural beauty and culture. In addition, Indonesia is a country that has a variety of culinary cuisines worldwide. One of them is the tempeh, the traditional fermented food originally from Indonesia. it is made from the soybean and the high quality of Tempeh starter Indonesia, tempeh can be processed into several delicious dishes. No wonder why tempeh become a favorite food in Indonesia as well as in various countries. 


Tempeh is a natural organic food from Indonesia. Tempeh has been known since the 16th century. According to Historical Record, since 16th tempeh is known as “Jae Santen Tempeh” in Serat Centhini. It is the legendary food of Indonesia. is In this country, you can found many household industries that produce Tempeh. Now, tempeh is a world wide food product that has been known by people around the world. Almost in every countries, tempeh is available in restaurants that provide it as menu dishes. If you want to make your own tempeh, you need tempeh starter to push the fermentation process. Tempeh Starter indonesia is the best for fermented soybean and for making good quality tempeh.

Tempeh in Indonesia is cheapest food  that you can find everywhere and anywhere.But conversely In western tempeh menu became a fancy food Item that expensive. In western tempeh is popular food for Vegan and Vegetarian because it can use as meat substitute with high protein. The price of tempeh menu In western is around $ 11, and Its more expensive than Fast food such as MCD and KFC around $ 5. This is popular Indonesian food can be encountered at every Indonesian restaurant called “Warung Makan”. The entire Indonesian restaurant provides variety tempeh menu. Tempeh can be cooked as side dish or snack or even the cooked with the vegetables.The nutty texture  of tempeh can be mix or cooked into several delicious menu. 

Actually tempeh is daily dishes menu that easily find at every house in Indonesia. This is one of the Protein source for Indonesian.  This  delicious foods are sell  on traditional market or even in the supermarket. if you are not live in Indonesia maybe its difficult to find. Even though it has been spread to all over the world but the supply and demand are not balance. So You can start make your own tempeh. The most important ingredient are Tempeh starter and soybean.

Then what is Tempeh Starter?  Tempeh starter is dried mixture of fungus rhizopus such as Rhizopus Oligosporus and Rhizopus Oryzae with substrate which can be soybeans or rice. Tempeh Starter Indonesia will provide the high quality tempeh. The good quality is based on the Tempeh  starter that has many fungus that cover the soybeans. 

Tempeh starter sometimes  it is hard to find outside Indonesia. Because the production of tempeh starter based in Indonesia. Tempeh Starter Indonesia has good quality for making tempeh. Actually you can make your own tempeh without tempeh starter or  you can make your own tempeh starter at home.  it is very easy and with simple ingredients. Would you to know on How to make your own tempeh starter or the simple way without tempeh starter? let’s check it!.

Make tempeh without starter ? seems it is impossible but it is work !. you can use ‘Usar’ from Waru (Hibiscus Tiliaceus) or Teak leaves (Tectona Grandis) as the tempeh starter. Here are the steps to make tempeh without tempeh starter: Cook the soybeans until has been cooked. You need to find Waru leaves (Hibiscus Tiliaceus) or Teak leaves (Tectona Grandis) , And put soybeans  on it  and use it as the cover. Let the cover for 1×24 hours in the warm temperature. because if too cold its can contain the dangerous bacteria and if too hot the fungus can not grow well. So keep the  warm temperature. After that, tempeh has been ready for cooked. But if you will make tempeh with high quality nutrition, you must choose tempeh starter that contains high quality Rhizopus. As a result, your tempeh will have delicious taste and good texture.

If you are interest to make your own tempeh starter you must prepare the Ingredient. The ingredients that you can use are starter from dried tempeh (tempeh flour) and Starter from rice. Then for making tempeh starter Indonesia you must prepare the materials such as: Rice 300 gram, tempe flour 3 gram and rice flour 1 1/2kg. The tools that you need such as: rice cooker, plastic plate, plastic sheets, pestle, sieves for food, frying pans and plastic bags. 

For Further explanation and step by step How to make your own tempeh starter or the make your own tempeh without tempeh starter you can check Discover The Easy Way How To Make Your Own Tempeh Starter.


Tempeh starter has been provided in some countries. If you find difficulty to find it, you can order tempeh starter with high quality brand with us. It is easy to order. Just you contact us. We will provide high quality brand originally made from Indonesia. The brand is Raprima tempeh starter. Raprima tempeh starter is from Bandung West Java. This starter is made from flour that is very important in making tempe. The flour is useful to accelerate the process of soybean fermentation into tempeh. Raprima tempeh starter is favored by  Indonesian and even various countries in the world because it makes tempeh very tasty and durable. We can export Raprima tempeh starter in India, raprima tempeh starter UK and in other countries. If you want to buy Raprima tempeh starter in online shop, you can find Raprima tempeh starter in Amazon or in our website. we are tempebumbung, provide tempeh starter whole foods. We are proven seller tempeh starter online of Raprima tempeh starter brand. We have send Raprima tempeh starter to several countries in Euprope and South East Asia.

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As we know that people now is increasingly familiar with a food that is made from soybeans namely tempeh. In Indonesia tempeh is usually called ‘tempe’. In this country, there are actually many types of tempeh with different type of beans used. But the most favorite and popular is soybeans tempeh which is also widely known overseas. You can check what kind of beans can be fermented to the other types of tempeh below:

rhizopus oligosporus buy

Many types of Beans For Making Tempeh

Number 1 is Lamtoro seeds.

Number 2 is Koro Pedang or Jack Bean.

Number 3 is Koro Benguk seeds.

Number 4 is Kacang Hijau or Green Bean.


Number 5 is Trembesi.

When you first hear these kind of seeds, you might be wondering what are they because it is rather difficult to find in other country. What is familiar for most people is ‘soybeans tempeh’ but it is usually know internationally as ‘tempeh’ only.

Tempeh is a kind of food that contain very high nutrition. It is very popular among the people of various countries. Some people try to make their own tempeh because they realize that it has materials source of protein and vitamin B-12. They assume that this is a great replacement for animal protein because as what mentioned previously, it also has great nutritional value. It provides complete protein, containing full range of amino acids. Moreover, tempeh is also low fat, high in fiber, and provides significant amonts of iron, calcium, vitamin A, B- complex, and other nutrient contents. This is why tempeh now is not only favored by Indonesian, but also overseas.

Now the question is, what is the relationship between tempeh and Rhizopus Oligosporus? Well,  tempeh is actually made by fermentation process with starter culture. Soybean seeds will not transform into tempeh without starter. To push fermentation process of tempeh, we must add fungus with the type of Rhizopus Oligosporus and Rhizopus Oryzae. But what commonly used in the tempeh fermentation process is the first one, Rhizopus Oligosporus. This fungus is very good to make tempeh because it can generate enzym protease. It also has the power to elaborate the materials base into a form.

In addition, tempeh starter culture Rhizopus Oligosporus can protect tempeh from infection bacterial and aflatoxins from the others fungus. Aflatoxin is toxins produced by certain fungus. Rhizophus Oligosporus grow in temperature 30-35 C with a minimum temperature of 12 C and with a maximum temperature of 42 C. Rhizopus Oligosporus has two ways reproduction by asexsual and sexual reproduction. The asexual reproduction by using sporangium nonmotil spores, hile sexual reproduction by conjugation.

rhizopus oligosporus buy


How to make your own tempeh starter ? is it possible to make tempeh without rhizopus oligosporus?, Definitely possible even You can make tempeh without tempeh starter although the results is not very great like using tempeh starter. Here are the steps to make tempeh without starter. First, you must cook the soybeans until has been cooked. You need to find Hibiscus leaves about 2 pieces. Then, put soybeans in one of the leaves. Use the other leaves to cover soybeans. Let the cover for 1×24 hours. After that, tempeh has been ready for cooked. However, if you will make tempeh with high quality nutrition you must choose tempeh starter that contains high quality Rhizopus so that your tempeh will have delicious taste.

From the explanation above we can conclude that you can actually make tempeh without starter but the result will not as good as when it is mixed with starter. Let’s see the difference below:

rhizopus oligosporus buy

Tempeh without starter

rhizopus oligosporus buy

Tempeh using starter

Even though the appearance look different, but the nutrition value is still same. Both have great source of protein.





Getting tempeh starter or ragi tempeh is actually easy, so don’t worry! Tempeh starter is now available in many online stores such as Amazon, eBay, etc. And we, as an online seller of tempeh starter will also provide tempeh starter easily for you with affordable price.

We have been running our business of tempebumbung years and also selling tempeh starter not only in Indonesia regions but also abroad. As a tempeh starter online seller, we always try to give our best service to our customers. We provide them facility via call, sms, WA, or email to make it easy to contact us. We will be very happy if our customers come to our office directly to buy tempeh starter, or just ask or sharing something.

You can buy tempeh starter from us no matter where you come from, and where you live now. We provide the tempeh starter whole foods or tempeh starter for small scale. Even though our smallest package of tempeh starter is 500 gr, but any amount of tempeh starter is also provided. We will provide re-packaging for any amount to make it easy. We serve tempeh starter order for many countries, and we also supply the needs of tempeh starter in many countries such as tempeh starter in India, tempeh starter in UK  and others. We are ready to send tempeh starter around the world. So, anywhere you live, we can send tempeh starter.


The ragi starter of Raprima is a type of ragi tempeh which is very good to use. This is a high quality tempeh starter that contains rhizopus oligosporus. Raprima has been known since 1960 and has been registered by the Food and Drug Control Agency. Raprima is under controlled by the Health Department. So, the product is very safe and healthy. Using Raprima will make your own tempeh has very original taste and healthy for consumption. Most of tempeh makers in Indonesia choose Raprima tempeh starter because it will produce great effect for tempeh and automatically will produce good tempeh when cooked. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s buy Raprima tempeh starter!



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