Knowing The Raw Materials Of Tempeh, A Popular Indonesian Soy Product Which Has Really Amazing Nutrient Contents

From various soy products, tempeh is a product originally from Indonesia which is the most popular in the world.

The presence of digestive enzymes produced by the molds in the tempeh-making process makes the protein, fat, and carbohydrate on tempeh become easy to digest by body.

Therefore, tempeh is very good to consume. Not only consumed by adult, even a baby can also consume it safely.

In addition to the ability of increasing the nutritional quality, the fermentation process of tempeh also changes the unpleasant smell of soybeans becoming the typical flavor of tempeh.

The fresh tempeh has soft smell like mushrooms. The longer the fermentation process, the softer the flavor.

In making tempeh soybeans are needed as the raw materials. In addition to soybeans, other variety of beans can also be used such as green beans, jack beans, black beans, white beans, etc.

Please see the detail of tempeh made from non-soybeans here.

So, what are the raw materials needed in the tempeh manufacturing?


The soybean plants belongs to the family of Leguminosae (lentil), genus of Glycine, and species of max.  In Latin it is called Glycine max, while in English is called soybean.

In Indonesia, the environment is very conducive to establish and grow tempeh-making industry, either small scale or big scale. Generally, the tempeh industry in Indonesia is small scale.

However, in the economic activity, this industry also includes many labors, start from the farmers who provide the raw materials, tempeh-maker, tempeh seller, and also the ones who process tempeh into other kind tempeh products.

Soybeans are differentiated based on the harvest age and the seeds color. Based on the harvest age, in the book of ‘Sehat dengan Tempe’ by Prof.Dr. Made Astawan, MS, soybeans are differentiated into 3 groups.

First, genjah soybeans (young soybeans) with age 78 – 85 days, medium soybeans with age 85 – 95 days, and old soybeans with age more than 95 days.

Green soybeans
Green soybeans

Yellow soybeans
Yellow soybeans

Black soybeans
Black soybeans

Meanwhile, based on the seeds color, the soybeans are differentiated into yellow soybeans, black soybeans, and green soybeans.

Chemically, there is no difference nutrition value composition among those three types of soybeans colors.

Please find below the list of what 100gr tempeh contains:

Nutrients Content
Nutrients Content Per 100gr Tempeh


As you can see in the picture above, tempeh only in 100gr contains great nutrients contents.

Due to its perfection, tempeh has various nicknames such as Miracle Golden Bean, The Golden Nugget of Nutrition, Meat of the Field, The Protein Hope of the Future, The Amazing Soybeans, and many more.


In addition to the first raw material in the point 1 above, in the tempeh manufacturer inoculum is also always needed.

This inoculum is popular known as starter/yeast.  Starter is a substance that contains Rhizopus mold which will ferment the soybeans into tempeh.

It will create mycelium (kind of mold) in the beans so that the soybeans will form a cake-like with grayish white color and unique taste and smell.

Waru leaf
Waru leaf used as ‘usar’

Long time ago, starter for making tempeh was obtained from the starter from waru (Hibiscus tiliaceus) or teak leaves.

Click easy way to make tempeh starter for more information about this traditional starter. Naturally, the surface of waru and teak contains kapang or fine yarns or usually called ‘usar’.

And this is what can help soybeans fermented into tempeh. However, nowadays the tempeh making using ‘usar’ is very rare.

Tempeh starter
Tempeh starter in the powder form

In its development, tempeh starter now is made instantly from pure starter which is grown in a certain medium such as rice flour or corn flour.

The use of inoculum in the form of powder has been done since 1976 until now.

Here are the requisites of the election of the microbes that is used as inoculum in the tempeh-making process:

  1. It is not pathogenic (dangerous for human health).
  2. It can grow fast.
  3. It can maintain its physiological properties.
  4. It can produce enzyme that is needed.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the environment sanitation factors and tools cleanliness. It is aimed to avoid the contamination of other microbes like pathogenic.

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The Easy Way To Make Your Own Tempeh

The Easy Way To Make Your Own Tempeh

Tempeh is a food which is common in our daily life. It is made from soybeans through an inoculating process, which produces soy covered with white mycelium that we call tempeh.

The tempeh making process is not difficult, and we can make it ourselves on a small scale.

The most important things in the tempeh making process are; the materials used must be clean, the soybean used must be a good quality and the starter must also be a good quality, we recommend, Raprima brand tempeh starter.

All of these will affect the production of tempeh that we make.

Soybean Tempeh
Soybean Tempeh

To make our own tempeh, we need these ingredients:

  1. Soybeans
  2. Tempeh starter, fungus Rhizopus oligosporus
  3. Clean water
  4. Container (tampah or irik)
  5. Basin/Big Pot
  6. Banana leaves/plastic
  7. Stove/furnace


How to make:

  1. Prepare good-quality soybeans, usually a roundish shape and yellowish white color. After that the soybeans can be washed in a big basin/pot so that all the dirt will be removed.

    This process is important because if the soybeans are dirty, the tempeh produced will be of an inferior quality.

  2. The washed soybeans are placed it in a bucket or large container with clean water.

    This process allows for water to be absorbed allowing the skin attached in the soybean to be easily peeled off.

    After a day of soaking the soybeans can be washed to remove the now loosened skin.

    The used water and the soybean skin can be used as a cow and cattle drink or feed.

  3. Once clean, soybeans can be boiled. This process takes about 30-90 minutes depending the amount of soybeans used.
  4. After that, let the soybeans aerated and cool. Place the cooked soybeans in a colander allowing the water to easily drain.

    Once cool and dry, we can add the tempeh starter, mixing until blended , at least 1 minute. This is the measurement of the tempeh starter :

    – 2gr tempeh starter for 1 kg soybeans
    – 1 teaspoonful tempeh starter for 2,5 kg soybeans
    – 1 tablespoon tempeh starter for 10 kg soybeans

  5. After blending, we can wrap the soybeans in banana leaves or plastics.

    When using plastic, the surface should be pierced with a stick several times so that air can get in to facilitate fermentation.

  6. After that, wait 24 to 30 hours until the tempeh fermentation process has finished.

    You will know it is done by the mushroom aroma and the covering of the soybeans in a thick white fibrous mat, the mycelia The tempeh is now ready to be cooked into 100’s of delicious meals.

In the process of fermentation, good-quality tempeh starter is needed. The type of starter used will affect the quality of tempeh produced.

Therefore, it is extremely important to use a quality starter like our Raprima brands which you can purchase on our online store.

Please read our article in :
Selling Tempeh Yeast Brand Of Raprima.

Soybean Tempeh
Soybean Tempeh

Tempeh can be processed into a variety of dishes, either a light meal, a snack or a main course when dining with your family and friends.

In Indonesian restaurants, tempeh is part of the main menu, especially for Javanese cuisine.

We can use tempeh in a variety of ways, like Tempeh Botok, Tempeh Chips, Tempeh Brittle, Tempeh Orak Arik, Bacem Tempeh, Fried Tempeh, Mendoan Tempeh, Vegetable Santan Tempeh and many others.

If you are about to make tempeh by yourself, you can contact us to get good-quality tempeh starter. Just contact us whenever you need fresh starter. We are ready to send our product throughout the world at affordable prices.

Contact us at:
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If you have something to share, such as the difficulty of making tempeh, how to make tempeh, etc, we are here to help you with our pleasure.


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Inokulum 500gr Tempeh Starter Culture

Ragi Tempe Raprima

Picture of Raprima Tempeh Starter – Ragi Tempe Raprima


Raprima tempeh starter is a famous Indonesian brand of starter. It is usually called “Ragi Tempe”. Raprima tempeh starter contains Rhizopus Oligosprus based tempeh starter, produced in controlled, which is used to grow spores fungus in making tempeh.

This starter is produced in a controlled, totally safe environment and regularly tested by the Government. Our tempeh starter is HALAL, safe, and suitable for vegetarians or vegans..

Why Raprima Tempeh Starter?

  1. In the form of fine powder which is easily weighed and dosed.

  2. Has good quality and stable for either large or small scale soybean production.

  3. Produce delicious tempeh with thick white fur, no black spores, can be stored longer.

  4. Contain Rhizopus spores in high quantities.

  5. Free of pathogenic bacteria.

  6. It contains only white rice flour and rhizopus oligosporus spores.

  7. It does not contain MSG or preservatives.

Produced by:

PT. Aneka Fermentasi Industri (AFI) Bandung – Indonesia.

Technology License:

Pusat Penelitian Kimia LIPI


The weight of 1 pack is 500gr

Registered by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) with product number BPOM RI MD 256928001051.

Also registered by the “HALAL” certification agencies, Indonesian Ulema Council with product number LPPOM 01311082190113.

Picture of Tempeh Starter

The Measurement Of Raprima Starter

  1. 2gr (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 1kg soybeans

  2. 1 teasponful (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 2.5kg soybeans

  3. 1 tablespoon (Inokulum) Raprima tempeh starter for 10kg soybeans


  1. Rhizopus Oligosporus

  2. Rice Powder



6 Important Component Beneficial for Health in Soybean Tempe Piece

6 Important Component Beneficial for Health in Soybean Tempe Piece

Tempe is one food that can be used everyday family dishes. Many types are made from the main menu as Semur tempeh, Satay Tempeh, Tempeh botok , Bacem Tempeh, Tempeh fritters, Tempeh spring rolls and much more.

It turned out that in a piece of tempeh contains many substances that are beneficial to the body.

The composition of nutrients in 100 grams of soybean tempeh:

  1. Phosphorus 154 mg
  2. Energy 149 kcal
  3. Calcium 129 mg
  4. Vitamin A 50 SI
  5. Protein 18.3 g
  6. Carbohydrates 12.7 g
  7. Iron 10 mg
  8. Fat 4 g
  9. Vitamin B1 0.17 mg

Biji Kedelai

  1. protein

Tempeh contains 18 types of proteins and amino acids that are good for the body. One benefit is easy to digest food.

Protein plays a role in tissue repair of the human body and plays a role in the formation of muscle tissue, bones, nails and hair.

Protein is also beneficial in the formation of body tissues, reduces depression and for women who are pregnant participated in the formation of the fetus.

The many benefits of protein for the human body, the use of sustainable and in a sufficient portion will help provide the body’s need for protein.

  1. Calcium

Calcium plays a role in blood clotting, and enzyme processes are also important in the process of bone growth.

For that to children in the growth process, the calcium becomes a very important substance.

In the basic composition of the human body, calcium ranks fifth after Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen.

  1. Magnesium

Helps maintain muscle and nerve function, supports the immune system, keeping blood sugar levels, keeping the immune system, maintain the stability of the heart.

For that when the season is a transition that usually various diseases appear, magnesium can help us to have immunity and are not easy to get sick.

Tempe Kedelai
Tempe Kedelai

  1. Phosphor

Build strong teeth bones, cells and body tissue repair, helping balance of vitamins and minerals.

For that recovering from illness phosphorus is very beneficial, by consuming foods that contain a lot of phosphorus, it can help the body’s cells and tissues to immediately recover.

  1. vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is needed in the formation of red blood cell. If the deficiency, the symptoms are pale, weight loss and abdominal pain.

Keep in mind that Tempe is a source of foods containing vitamin B12 derived from vegetable .

  1. antioxidants

In the tempeh contains antioxidants in the form of isoflavones. It is useful to address the free radicals from the foods we eat often.

If consumed in sufficient quantities and regularly, can prevent premature aging. What is certain antioxidant produced from tempeh is a natural substance that is safe for the body.

That’s part of the substances contained in a piece of tempeh.To get the maximum results certainly should continue to consume.

Currently there are no studies that prove that the use of soybean in the long term will have a negative effect. For it is not wrong if consumed in the long term.

Tempe is usually cooked with fried, boiled, roasted, in vegetable coconut milk, stir even in raw foods can also be.

To reduce the use of oil, then cook cultivated with interspersed without having to use oil continuously.

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Tempe Processed Soybeans Good For Health

In choosing the food that we consume, we have to consider a lot. Besides the price factor, the taste of food and not less important is health.

Many foods are less supportive of health, especially when that consume a particular disease should avoid certain foods.

For that  we need to know the type of food that is safe to eat and does not have negative effects when taken continuously. One food that is tempeh.


Why tempeh good for human health?

Tempe contains many substances that can support health, such as calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin source of isoflavones, protein, iron, copper, vitamin E, carbohydrates, zinc, folic acid, and antioxidants.

What are the benefits of substances contained in tempeh?

Benefits of substances contained in tempeh include improving fertility, prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent diarrhea, to prevent anemia or lack of red blood in the body, preventing premature aging, reduce heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure or hypertension, prevent obesity or obesity, prevent diabetes mellitus, gallstones and many other benefits of tempeh.

How to process tempeh so good for health?

In general, people cook tempeh into a processed form such as tempeh traditional cuisine that is using tempeh as the main ingredient and immediately processed into food, such as eggs – arik tempeh, botok tempeh , tempeh satay and others.

For the second type is tempeh has a refined product tempeh where the shape is not as pure as it came like ice cream tempeh, tempeh burgers, sausages tempeh, tempeh flour.

For only the third type of bioactive compounds contained in soybean are processed into health food supplements.

Tempe Kedelai
Tempe Kedelai

To support health is actually better if we get supplements that contain substances that are able to tempeh.

Unfortunately , we can not make your own. For the second type if we can own and can be added with some ingredients like milk, soy, and can reduce the use of vegetable oil.

While traditional cuisine still contains a lot of oil, salt, sugar when taken continuously is not good for health.

So in order to process it can be combined with other materials that are also safe for health.

To maintain the health of even existing heart disease and cancer sufferers who consume in the form of raw or steamed.

Food processing is very important because when cooked like that’s it or monotonous likely to lead to boredom when the substances contained in it is very good for humans, from infants to the elderly.

For babies should be added to food in the form of flour tempeh did not alter the taste of food.

Are there any side effects of consuming tempeh constantly?

To date, there has been no research to prove that consuming tempeh continuous basis may result in adverse effects on health.

Many researchers foreign countries like UK, USA, Germany and Japan are conducting research on nutrition, the manufacturing process and health giving properties.

Their research even more convincing that tempeh is a food that has a good prospect and healthy.

Tempeh also includes foods that are easily digested by the body. So as to restore the energy needed by the body after strenuous activity.

we would recommend the use of tempeh in everyday life which can vary in some delicious and healthy menu.

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Selling Yeast Tempe Brands Raprima

Selling Yeast Tempe Brands Raprima

Ragi Tempe Brands Raprima is tempe yeast products originating from Bandung, West Java. Quality yeast tempeh with raprima brands had been tested since the first.

Tempe yeast product from Bandung is indeed the most widely used by makers / manufacturers tempeh.

For those of you who want to make tempeh yeast hygienic and preservative-free brand Raprima can to make tempeh in small -scale and industrial.

Jual Ragi Tempe Raprima (11)
Ragi Tempe Raprima

Where Ragi Tempe Raprima distributor?

To get a Yeast Tempe Raprima prospective buyers sometimes have difficulty finding distributors , but with the development of internet technology you can get Ragi Tempe Raprima online at our place.

Why did you choose to use Ragi Tempe Raprima?

Produce tempeh tasty, white and thick fur, black spores do not get out and can be stored longer.

Good quality and stable to make tempeh large scale, small scale and the scale of the needs of families.

Tempe yeast in the form of a fine powder that easily weighed and drinks.

Ragi Tempe Raprima
Ragi Tempe Raprima

Bagamaiman dosing guidelines for the use Ragi Tempe Raprima?

The following dose selection you can choose:

2 grams Yeast Tempe Raprima / 1kg Soy

1 Tea Spoon Ragi Tempe Raprima / 2.5 kg Soybean

1 Spoon Dinner Ragi Tempe Raprima / 10 kg Soybean

How in the way of storage Ragi Tempe Raprima?

For storage Raprima Ragi Tempe is actually quite easy , you just put it in a clean and dry. Make sure no water or temperatures that are too hot when storing them.

Yeast Tempe Raprima for halal products has been proven by the release of the Indonesian Ulema Council LPPOM: 01311082190113 besides Ragi Tempe Raprima also certified with BPOM with BPOM RI MD 256 928 001 051 number.

Yeast is a trademark registered with DEPKEH.RI.NO.306712 Raprima Tempe. Of the many legalities in Yeast get Raprima Tempe yeast reflect the quality of this product.

Please contact us anytime for to get Yeast Raprima Tempe. Please contact us, Anytime:

SMS / CALL: 0822 2123 5378

Ngebel, Kedungumpul, Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java

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Organic tempeh starter – The quality of tempeh starter can influence the result of tempeh-making process.

If you want to have good tempeh, you will probably needs organic tempeh starter which can produce perfect white molds in the soybean seeds.


Fermented foods for most Indonesians will think about yogurt, brem, ketchup, and of course tempeh.

Yogurt is food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Then, brem is a traditional food of Indonesia that uses rice, ketchup is fermented savory sauces, and how about tempeh?

It has been known that tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process (usually using Rhizopus Oligosporus mold) that binds soybeans into a cake form.

In other words, tempeh is a kind of unique food product that is made by nature culture and fermentation process with starter.

This material is usually called tempeh starter culture Rhizopus Oligosporus.


It is because the fermentation process of tempeh has content of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins.

Tempeh is also used as a meat substitute because it contains vitamin B -12 and high protein. In Indonesia, this food is usually produced in wholesale to be distributed to the consumers.

If it is produced in small scale, they usually use hibiscus leaves or banana leaves to wrap tempeh.

Then, because of the development era nowadays, thus such ways can take much time.

Due to the advanced technology nowadays, the tempeh manufactures already switch to using tempeh starter which is more appropriate to use in the manufacture of large-scale or industry.


organic tempeh starter

Tempeh starter or
ragi tempeh is dried mixture of fungus Rhizhopus sp that live with substrate which can be soybeans or rice. Starter has function to boost the process or fermentation food products.

To make high quality tempeh you need a tempeh starter that has a very high Rhizopus sp with good quality. This kind of mold will cause tempeh has high nutrition content which is good for your health.

Many people also agree that tempeh is a food product that is very perfect for vegetarian people.

Because it is made from whole soybean seeds, tempeh is very rich in fibre and soy isoflavones. It is also the source of many nutrients like B-vitamins, calcium, iron, and so forth. This is why many people across the world fall in love with this food.

Is it difficult to get tempeh starter? Becase tempeh consumers are growing rapidly not only in Indonesia, but also throughout the world,  tempeh starter has been provided in some areas around the world. You can find tempeh starter in india, tempeh starter in Indonesia etc.

However, not in every country tempeh starter is provided. In rural areas, suburbs, or places where supermarket is rarely found, getting tempeh starter will be difficult.

As a solution, you can buy tempeh starter in online stores, for example you can buy tempeh starter in Amazon.

Currently, tempeh starter is available in whole foods online so that you will not need to be confused because it is not difficult to get.

There is still one more solution for you if you still find difficulty to get tempeh starter. If you cannot find tempeh supermarket in your area, or you cannot buy online, the last solution is making your own tempeh starter.

If you have all the ingredients to make it, it will be so easy. Are you interested to make your own tempeh starter? If you answer ‘YES’, then you should continue reading our article!


Here’s the easy steps on  how to make your own tempeh starter.

You can use 12 ons dry roasted soy bean halves and 3 gram Rhizopus Oligosporusfungus that has function for production tempeh starter culture and commonly used by home industry.

And then incubated for 30 hours to let the mycelium finish and make black spores. Cut into slices and put at food dryer for 24 hours. (It will work in 115°F). Take the slices and put in the blender so the slices will change into powder.

Put the powder into strainer to remove the larger pieces.

Add rice flour that amount 2 fold from powder then mix and it can finally used as starter. You can put the dried slices trace into refrigerator.


If you think that making tempeh starter is difficult, the only one solution for you is to buy it. So, what kind of tempeh starter is best to use? Here is the answer: ragi tempeh of Raprima Brand.

This is a high quality starter that you can use to make your own tempeh.

This starter has ability to make perfect white tempeh without formation of black spots, so you will have high quality of tempeh.

Raprima tempeh starter is often used by most tempeh producers in Indonesia because of its high quality.

This tempeh starter is originally from Bandung, West Java and has been certified by two agencies: MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) and BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control).  Read more about safety license of Raprima here.

This tempeh has a lot of benefits such as:

  1. It can produce tasty and durable templeh.
  2. The price is quite affordable.
  3. It can be used in the tempeh manufacturers either small or large scale.
  4. It is packaged in the powder form to make the measurement easier.


For making good quality of tempeh you must choose high quality inokulum so you can produce delicious tempeh.

Inokulum is always needed in the soybeans fermentation so that it can make the structure of your own tempeh have high nutritions and great texture.

This great inoculum can be found in tempeh starter culture of Raprima ragi tempeh.

Well, if you want to make your own tempeh, choose tempeh starter that contains Rhizopus Oligosporus, buy our Raprima tempeh starter brand and you can find the best Rhizophus Oligosporus.

It is the best fungus for making tempeh and it can produce enzim protease that has power to elaborate the material into a form that is more easily to digest by human body.

The enzyme can against off gram positive bacteria. And then, Rhizopus Oligosporus can protect tempeh from aflatoxin, the toxins that produce others fungus.

You can try tempeh starter culture of Raprima Brand for tempeh. This tempeh has good quality products and available for either large or small scale soybean production.

This tempeh starter will make your own tempeh has good quality, delicious taste, white fur, and without black spores. You can contact us, Tempe Bumbung to buy tempeh starter Raprima.

We provide tempeh starter from retail purchase or small party. If you need more information and have any question about Raprima Tempeh Starter, You can call us every time you want. We will give you 100% satisfaction for your purchase anytime.

We sell raprima tempeh starter in Indonesia and around the world. Raprima tempeh starter has been sent in around countries such as: Jerman, India and Slovakia. To make your purchasing easier, the payment can be transferred to PayPal account.

Contact us at:


+62 857 4849 1242



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How to Make a Healthy Homemade Tempeh?

Tempeh, this food became famous this time, yes that’s tempeh. What is tempeh? Tempeh is a traditional food from Java, Indonesia, that is made from fermented soybeans helped with Rhizopus sp.

The fermentation process makes the mold/fungus grow so it binds the grains of soybeans until they become compact and the form is like a white cake of soybeans. Is tempeh healthy? The answer is, absolutely healthy.

Tempeh contains a lot of nutrition, like high protein, fiber, and other tempeh nutrition that can makes you healthy.

how to make tempeh
Tempeh contains a lot of nutrients, it can be substitutes for meat.

Tempeh is not only known in Indonesia as a daily meal but now, tempeh is well-known overseas as a healthy and tasty food.

In Indonesia, you can find tempeh easily in the traditional market or the supermarket at an affordable price.

Tempeh can be processed into many dishes, there are a lot of tempeh recipes. So that’s why people love to eat tempeh.

Unlike in Indonesia, it might be a little difficult to get tempeh in any other country.

Maybe you will think where to buy tempeh? You can buy tempeh in the vegan store, grocery store, or Asian market.

But don’t worry, you can make tempeh by yourself. Making homemade tempeh can be better than store-bought tempeh because you will know the hygiene and the cleanliness of the process and the ingredients.

To make homemade tempeh, there are some important things that you have to know so your tempeh result will be good. That is :

1. The Quality of The Soybeans or Other Beans

To make a homemade soybeans tempeh, make sure you use the good quality of soybeans.

It is usually in the roundish form and the color is yellowish-white.

You can also make tempeh from other beans, like black-eyed peas tempeh, lentil tempeh, chickpeas tempeh, or black beans tempeh.

So you will not be bored with soybeans tempeh because you can make tempeh with any beans, even mixed grains.

how to make homemade tempeh
The good quality of soybeans can be seen from the colour which is yellowish-white and the shape is round. (Source :

2. The Quality of The Tempeh Starter

Tempeh starter or ragi tempeh is a dried mixture of Rhizopus sp and with other substrates like rice flour.

Without a tempeh starter, the grains of soybeans wouldn’t be bound and compact, so it can’t be called tempeh.

The good quality of the tempeh starter must contain millions of Rhizopus sp and doesn’t contain pathogenic and contaminating bacteria.

Raprima tempeh starter is one of the best tempeh starters that Indonesian usually use. Raprima tempeh starters are easy to use, it can make a good effect for the tempeh.

But if you want to make tempeh starter by yourself, how to make tempeh starter? Don’t worry, you can make your own tempeh starter easily.

Two things above are the main things to make perfect homemade tempeh. So, how about the process to make homemade tempeh? We will show you the step by step below, stay tuned!

how to make tempeh
The good quality of the tempeh starter also can give a good effect to your homemade tempeh. (

How To Make Homemade Tempeh?

Ingredients :

  1. 1kg dry soybeans (5 cups)
  2. 2-gram Raprima tempeh starter
  3. 4 tablespoon vinegar

Instructions :

  1. Prepare the dry soybeans, then clean it and make sure there is no dirt thing.
  2. Wash and stir them in the clean water.
  3. Boiled the soybeans in the 100℃ boiled water for 30 minutes until soft, rest it (without draining) until it’s got room temperature for 20-22 hours.
  4. Peel of / dehull the soybeans skin, and remove the floated soybeans skin and drain them.
  5. Put them into a boiling pan and boil them again for 45-60 minutes, and add the vinegar.
  6. Drain them and let them until it’s cooling down around 27℃.
  7. Add tempeh starter and mix well.
  8. Put them into banana leaves, bamboo, or Ziploc bag which has been perforated.
  9. Place it in the room temperature for 26 hours – 36 hours until the mold/mycelium grow in the entire of soybeans. Then, you can process your tempeh directly or keep it in the refrigerator.

Important Steps In The Process Of Making Tempeh

To the process of making tempeh is successful and the resulting tempeh is good, there are at least 3 main points that are important to note.

The first is the cleanliness of the equipment used to make tempeh. Because clean equipment can prevent microbial contamination.

And make sure all the equipment used to make tempeh is free of oil and salt, because it will interfere with spore growth.

Second is when the addition of tempeh starter to the cooked soybeans must be in the position of soybeans that have been drained perfectly so that spoilage bacteria do not grow.

And the third is when the fermentation process, the time and temperature must be controlled.

Well, besides that, there are important stages in the process of making tempe. We will explain step by step.

  1. Before you wash the soybeans, make sure you clean it from the dirt that stuck in the grains of soybeans. 
  2. Wash the soybeans with clean water until the dust and other impurities disappear.
  3. It’s time to boil the soybeans. Boil the soybeans in the boiled water (100℃) for 30 minutes until the soybeans are soft and easy to remove the skin. 
  4. The first boiling is done. Rest the boiled soybeans along with boiled water until they cool down. Stand it in the room temperature for 20-22 hours.
  5. Remove or peel the skin of the soybean by squeeze it. Or you can also use a dehulling machine. If you use those machines, dehull the soybeans when it is still wet. 
  6. Separate the soybeans from the skin that has been floating by immersion in water or doused with running water and stir the soybeans.
  7. Now is the second boiling. Boil the removed-skin soybeans in the acid water for 45-60 minutes. You can add some vinegar to the water. The vinegar can kill the bad microbes, remove antinutritional properties in soy, and also increases the digestibility.
  8. When you drain the boiled removed-skin soybean, make sure that you drained them completely and let them cool down until it reaches room temperature (25-27℃). And it would be better if you mixing the tempeh starter when the cooked soybeans are under acidity conditions between pH 4.8 – 5.0 and the moisture content of about 45-55% and of course has reached room temperature.
  9. It’s time to mix the boiled soybeans with tempeh starter. The main point is you must add the tempeh starter to the boiled soybeans when the soybeans reach the room temperature. Then, mix them up well. 
  10. Let’s wrap the soybeans, you can use banana leaves, bamboo, or Ziploc bags/plastics. If you use Ziploc bags, you have to pierce the plastic surface with a toothpick or chopstick, then fill it with the soybeans. Better thickness is about 3cm.
  11. Ferment the soybeans by put it in the room which has temperature about 30-37℃ while the relative humidity (RH) is 70-85% for 22-26 hours until the entire soybeans are covered with white mold/mycelium. 

tempeh starter onlie
Two important esentials to make a perfect homemade tempeh.

The fermentation process is the most important thing. If your room doesn’t have a proper temperature for the fermentation process, you can use a tempeh incubator to ferment it.

Or you can put the prepared soybean in the oven with the lights on. If you have cheesecloth or muslin cloth, both you can use as a coating to add warm temperatures.

We hope this information can help you. Don’t forget to use the good quality material only so your tempeh will be good too.

Let’s get the high-quality tempeh starter, “Raprima tempeh starter” only from us.

We are a tempeh starter seller online and we can send our product overseas. Grab it fast!

You can contact us if you have any questions about making tempeh because we will be happy to help. Or if you want to order our tempeh starter, feel free to contact us at :

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Find The Best Way To Cook Tempeh And Get Its Benefits

Tempeh is known as a product of soybeans fermentation which is helped by Rhizopus oligosporus contained in tempeh starter.

In Indonesia, tempeh acts as one of the side dishes which contain high protein besides meat or fish.

Tempeh can be found in traditional markets, supermarkets, or in the vegan grocery store.

Also, tempeh can be found in several dishes like fried tempeh, bacem tempeh, sambal tempeh, or baked tempeh.

How To Cook Tempeh
If tempeh is cooked properly, you will get the nutritional values of it.

There are several ways to consume or cook tempeh, the common one is frying the tempeh.

But, do you know the healthiest way to consume tempeh so the nutritions which are contained in tempeh remain and won’t disappear? But beforehand, consider first the nutritional content that is in tempeh below.

Tempeh Contains Prebiotics Bacteria

According to Prof. Dr. Made Iriawan, tempeh contains a lot of nutrition and it will be delicious and more healthy if you cook it properly.

When we eat tempeh, it contains prebiotics in the form of living microbes, called lactic acid bacteria usually found in yogurt.

Even the lactic acid bacteria will be higher if tempeh is hygienic and it’s cooked in a good way. Those prebiotic bacteria are one of a lot of beneficial nutrients in tempeh.

How to cook tempeh
You need to cooked your tempeh properly so you will get its benefits.

Among the many ways to cook tempeh, the easiest way to cook tempeh is to fry it.

But, those good bacteria will be damaged if it’s heated. Besides, healthy soybean oil which is contained in tempeh will also be lost. So, it will be good if you don’t cook tempeh to deep fry.

So, what’s the best way to cook tempeh? Here are the good ways to consume and cook tempeh so you will get the health beneficial maximally.

1. Unseasoned Steamed Tempeh

The best and good way to cook tempeh besides fried is to steam it. When you steam tempeh, the protein content will remain and provide benefits for your body.

Steam tempeh also can get rid of the bitter flavor of tempeh. You can steam tempeh with this following steps :

  • Remove the packaging of tempeh, sometimes tempeh wrapped with banana leaves or plastics.
  • Prepare a steamer pan, fill it with enough water, and close the lid. Turn on the heat until it’s boiled.
  • Put tempeh in the steam basket, close the lid and steam it for approximately 10 minutes, depends on the level of tenderness you want. You can cut your tempeh into the small form or place it in its original form.
  • Remove tempeh and drain until dry.
  • Your tempeh is ready to cook in other ways like marinated it then baked it. Or crumble and marinate it with steak seasoning then form the tempeh crumbs into patties and you can grill it with olive oil to make tempeh steak. Eat tempeh steak with other vegetables to make it healthier.

How To Cook Tempeh
By steaming tempeh, the bitter taste that is sometimes found in soybeans will disappear.

2. Steamed Marinated Tempeh

The other way to eat tempeh without fry it is steam tempeh after it marinated. All you need is :

  • Set the steamer pan by filling with water and turn on the heat.
  • Boil the water, and while waiting for the water to boil, prepare the marinade sauce.
  • For the marinade sauce, you need (for 1 block tempeh) :
    Minced garlic (1-2 cloves) or ½ tsp garlic powder and ½ tsp onion powder
    ½ teaspoon sesame oil
    1 teaspoon olive oil
    1 tablespoon rice vinegar
    ¼ cup of soy sauce
  • Place those ingredients in a closed container and then mix it all with a fork.
  • Put the slices of tempeh into the container and let it marinate for 10 – 20 minutes. For the best result, place the marinated tempeh in a refrigerator for 30 minutes. In half of marinating time, flip the tempeh so tempeh can be coated entirely.
  • After 30 minutes, let it stand until it reaches room temperature
  • Steam it for approximately 10 minutes, depends on the level of tenderness you want.
  • Remove and drain them, and steamed marinated tempeh is ready to eat.

The best way to cook tempeh
Marinated tempeh is the easy way to cook tempeh into some dishes like grilled or baked.

Steamed tempeh is the easy and best way to prepare tempeh.

Using the recipe in the second way above (steamed marinated tempeh), you can process your marinated tempeh in other delicious dishes besides steaming and eating it directly.

What kind of dishes will be good for those marinated tempeh recipes above? Find the answer below!

3. Baked Tempeh

To avoid frying the tempeh, you can bake your tempeh. 

  • Firstly, cut the tempeh in the triangle, rectangle, or in a ½” cube size. Prepare the marinade sauce with the same recipe above. 
  • Marinate your tempeh in a closed container in 30 minutes inside the refrigerator, don’t forget to flip the tempeh in halftime marinating process. 
  • When it reaches 30 minutes, prepare your oven, turn it on and set it to 190℃. Place the tempeh into a baking tray, but before that, coat the baking tray with baking paper. 
  • Spread the surface of the tempeh with the remaining marinated sauce. 
  • Then, bake the tempeh for 10 minutes, open the lid and flip the tempeh. After that, close the oven and continue to bake for 10 minutes until it is golden and crispy. 
  • Remove from the oven and serve the baked tempeh warm. You also can spread sesame seeds on top of it. You can keep the leftovers in the fridge for up to 5 days.

How to cook tempeh properly
Baked tempeh also can be a delicious and healthy meal.

4. Grilled Tempeh

Another delicious way to cook tempeh without frying is grilling.

A little bit different from the baking process, you can steam your tempeh first before marinade it, as the first way above.

The steam process can make tempeh absorb the marinade sauce maximally.

ut it’s okay if you don’t steam your tempeh first because the result is also quite good. Grilled tempeh also can be the best way to cook marinated tempeh. 

  • Cut the tempeh in rectangle or triangle size, then follow the first steam way above. 
  • After 10 minutes steamed, rest it until it reaches room temperature.
  • Marinade the tempeh with marinating sauce (the same recipe in the second way above)
  • Remove from the liquid and excess of marinating sauce.
  • Preheat the grill into medium temperature, place the tempeh on the grill.
  • Don’t forget to flip the position of the tempeh so it can be grilled evenly. Spread the remaining marinating sauce if it’s needed.
  • Grill thoroughly until it’s browned but not burned, it may take about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the heat temperature of the grill.
  • Remove the tempeh and serve it with mushroom sauce, green salad, or grilled vegetables like bell pepper, asparagus, and onion.

How to cook tempeh
Grilling is also good for cook tempeh, the flavor also nice.

You can try one of those recipes to cook tempeh without frying, whether steamed, grilled, or baked.

All those ways are good and can make your tempeh more delicious and exactly, it will be healthier because there is no frying process with oil.

But, if you still want to fry your tempeh, what is the best way to cook tempeh for stir fry? The answer is, do not deep fry your tempeh, it will be better if you only pan-seared your tempeh using olive oil. 

And also, it will be nice if you make your tempeh, so the tempeh will be more hygienic and healthy.

To make homemade tempeh, you need a tempeh starter to grow the spores/mycelium, so the soybean will be compact. 

Ragi Raprima tempeh starter
Raprima tempeh starter is believed to be able to produce tempeh with good quality

If you are wondering about tempeh starter, read our article which discusses the role of tempeh starter.

And if you are interested in tempeh making, we provide Raprima tempeh starter as the best tempeh starter which is commonly used in Indonesia to produce tempeh.

We can send our tempeh starter overseas. If you have any questions about tempeh or Raprima tempeh starter, you can contact us directly via email or WhatsApp, we will be very happy to help you to as much as we can. 


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Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55581

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Tempeh-What can be used to make tempeh starter?


Tempeh is a traditional food originally from Indonesia. It is exactly from Central Java, and now is popular not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

The word ‘tempeh’ has been found written in serat Centhini manuscript which is a classic Javanese literature.

It is written by the scribe of the Surakarta palace, R Ng Ronggo Sutrasno in the early 19th century.

Actually, tempeh has been studied by researchers since years ago. They found that this soybeans product is healthy food and good for human body.

Although it is not yet known when the first time the manufacture of tempe begins, this traditional food has been known since centuries ago.

Tempeh is made by a natural culturing and a controlled fermentation process by adding a tempeh starter, which is a mix of live mold. This is originally from Indonesia and it has lot of benefit for human body.  Recently tempeh is popular foods for Vegan and Vegetarian over the world.

Nowadays, more grocery stores sell tempeh products. This is because the popularity of tempeh has also increased. Not only delicious, tempeh is also known for its health benefits to humans body. is known to reduce cholesterol, increase bone density, reduce menopausal symptoms and promote muscle recovery. The use of whole soybean gives tempeh a higher content of protein vitamins and minerals. So, the basic ingredient of making tempeh is the soybean and the tempeh starter.


Tempeh starter
Tempeh starter in the powder form

For your information, Tempeh starter is an inoculant spores rhizopus oligosporus with a rice flour which has function to push fermentation process in the tempeh-making process.

Now, Tempeh starter  is available in whole foods online.

You can buy tempeh starter as you need. The fermentation process needs fungus with type Rhizopus Oligosporus or Rhizopus Oryzae.

While, The natural way to speed up the fermentation process is by using raw papaya and sticky rice flour.

Papaya can help soften soybeans and fertilize molds. While the glutinous rice flour acts as a mold medium so it can increase soybean to have a soft texture.


Actually, making tempeh starter is easy, you can make it by yourself at home. Then, what can I use as tempeh starter? You can use rice.

The first step is prepare the materials and tools for tempeh starter. You can just use rice for about 300 gram, tempeh flour 3 gram and rice flour 1 ½ kg.

The tools needed: Rice cooker, plastic plate, plastic sheets, pestle, sleves for food, frying pans and plastic bags.

How to make tempeh starter: Firstly, wash the rice until clean and cook the rice. After that, cook the rice and cool it.

Sprinkle the rice cooked with tempeh flour until smooth and then cover it with plastic bags.

Then, let till the mushrooms grow up. Dried in the sun and pounded until smooth. Strain with a sieve and mix with rice flour and tempeh starter is ready for use.

Tempeh starter can be made manually using certain ingredients like rice


Actually, you can make tempeh without tempeh starter. Even though the result is not as perfect as using tempeh starter, but you can try at home to make tempeh with this way.

Here are the steps to make tempeh without tempeh starter:

Prepare the ingredients such as the soybeans, and waru/cottonwood leaves. Boil the soybeans until cooked.

Let them cool for a while. Then, put the soybeans in one of cottonwood leaves. Use the other cottonwood leaves to cover soybeans.

Let the cover for 1×24 hours. After that, tempeh has been ready for cooked.

But if you will make tempeh with high quality nutrition, you must choose tempeh starter that contains high quality Rhizopus.

As a result, your tempeh will have delicious taste.

Besides, you can use the ‘usar’ fto wrap the soybeans. You can use Waru leaves (Hibiscus Tiliaceus) or Teak leaves (Tectona Grandis) as the wrapper of the soybeans.

Moreover, you can also use Starter from dried tempeh (tempeh flour).  Further explanation about it you can check on Discover The Easy Way How To Make Your Own Tempeh Starter.


After knowing how to make tempeh starter by your own, lets start making your own tempeh.

For making tempeh you have to prepare the main material: soybeans.

1. Firstly, Soak and Dehuling
First of all, soak the soybean in water to loosen the skin for a night for dehulling.

But still, there are some soybeans that still contain the skin, so to omit the skin by rubbing soybeans with hands, rubbing the beans together and sometimes individually pressing the hulls of the grains.

2. Second, cooking the soybeans
After the dehulling process, then it is partly cooked before continuing to inoculation or fermentation process.

Boiling the beans for 30 minutes until one hours. Makes sure the soy beans are soft. Then, drain off the water and dry the soybeans until cool down.

3. Mix with the tempeh stater
After the soybeans cool down add the tempeh starter. It is very important to mix well the soy beans and the tempeh starter.

Fermentation process can be done for less than 2 days by using starter culture of Tempeh (ragi tempeh) that you can find in most Indonesia.

As you can see in the procedure of making tempeh above, you need tempeh starter.

The use of starter is very important as the media for spores to grow in the soybeans. This is what we call fermentation process.

What kind of tempeh starter is best to used?

So far we conduct this online business, we find that our customers mostly choose one kind of starter for making tempeh. Do you want to know?


tempeh starter online
Soybeans and Raprima starter – The main ingredients for making tempeh

Ragi Tempe Raprima is one of famous Indonesian brand of starters that contains Rhizopus Oligosprus based tempeh starter, produced in controlled, which is used to grow spores fungus in making tempeh.

This starter is produced in a controlled, totally safe environment and regularly tested by the Government.

Our ragi tempeh is HALAL, safe, and suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Recently, You can order tempeh starter that contains high Rhizopus Oligosporus trough the Internet.

You can order Raprima Tempeh Starter from our website also you can find tempeh starter amazon. We are provide the tempeh starter Raprima brand with an affordable price. 

Raprima tempeh starter in Indonesia has been known since 1960. Raprima is tempeh starter product from Bandung Indonesia.

Currently, raprima has become an export product to meet the needs of the world such as the needs of tempeh starter uk, tempeh starter india and  tempeh starter in around the world. We are ready to serve your order.

Raprima Tempeh Starter is popular product tempeh starter that can make your own tempeh very delicious.

Further Information You can contact us at:


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